Monday, March 15, 2010

New Feature! Subscribe by email! :)

Just fill in your email address to the right :)


  1. I already subscribed to your RSS, but I subscribed to your email now too:)

    Oh and I got the books! Thank you SSSOOO much! You're awesome!

    I am giving you a shout in a post I am writing now.

    I just wish I could get over this flu! My hub, son and I all have had it for like 7 days now. It's terrible! Probably one of the worst ones I've ever had! ugh!

    Talk to you soon! :)

  2. Hey AmandaT...coming back to you from friday follow. You can find deals, just follow my blog and I will show you just how its done...adorable blog...awesome giveaways

  3. I am following you back. Thank you so much.

  4. Now following :)
    Thanks for stopping by from Friday Follow-I like meeting new friends and finding great blogs.
    I love giveaways

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  6. Found you via FF. Your giveaways look amazing!!! I will be back soon to enter some.

    Follow back at

  7. Thanks for stopping by and following! I'm following back now:) You have great giveaways.
    I'll be back soon. Hope you're having a great week.

  8. Hi there!! Following you back :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by my way. I'm a follower now. Great giveaways!

    Your new friend,


  10. Thanks for following my blog. I'm your follower now! Hoping to see some international giveaways so that I can join in as well! :)

  11. The subscribe by email is the best...I never miss a thing.

  12. Hi, I just wanted to pipe in and say I'm glad I found your blog. My dh loves rats as well. Maybe in the future you could do reviews and or giveaways of rat related items, like cages, wheels, and feed?
    Ours is named Attila, btw.