Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Review: Scandle Candle Travel Tin

 Thanks to Scandle for providing me with a free Scandle Candle to review!

For my review of the Scandle Candle I received the "Honeysuckle" Travel Tin. I wasn't sure how it would smell, but after I opened it I was so happy that Honeysuckle was the scent, because it really is just a wonderful smell.

When me and Aaron first opened up the candle we were really excited to try it out. We followed the directions given. So first we lit up the candle and let it burn for 30 minutes (to accumulate enough wax) and it was hard to believe that this tiny candle had the whole room smelling so good. My grandma was in the kitchen playing cards and she could even smell it :)!

Anyway, after 30 minutes of burning (there was so much anticipation that literally the second it hit 30 minutes we were like, GO!) well with the Scandle Candle still burning we went back to my room, and Aaron layed down, He was a little scared because you know (burning wax) but I went ahead and poured it on him and to his surprise it didn't even feel hot, Maybe a little warm, but not hot. And then I started massaging. He said
"hands down, this is the best message I've ever had" I would take credit and say it was because I have magic hands, but to be honest I stink at giving massages, so obviously the Scandle Candle is some type of magical candle. One of the best aspects to the Scandle Candle is that unlike regular massage oils, the oils did not dry out. We have a box fan and it was blowing the whole time  but yet the wax never dried. I am absolutely in love with the Scandle Candle. I'm planning on buying 1 of each scent very soon. The Scandle Candle Travel tin is available online for only $12.95.

And I just want to point out to all of you that the Scandle Candle Refillable Canister is also available and it pours also nicer and you can buy refills for it. It is available for only $20.95

The Scandle Candle could really make a wonderful Mother's Day Gift as well.
Disclosure: Review Product was provided to me. No Monetary compensation was received.
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  2. HI! Thanks for stopping by Soup. I love the smell of honeysuckle, too -- I can't wait until we put up our arbor so I can plant some...