Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review: World's Best Cat Litter

 Thanks to World's Best Cat Litter for providing me with a bag of litter for review purposes!

The World's Best Cat Litter definitely lives up to it's name.

What makes this cat litter truly unique is that it is actually made with Whole-Kernel Corn, which makes it Planet Friendly. But that's just one of the many attributes; It's also pet and people safe, it clumps the easiest, is the best odor eliminator, lasts the longest and it is the easiest to scoop.

As you all know I have 3 cats (Shadow, Sally and Noob)  And I am always looking for new things for my babies, So when I got the chance to review this I jumped at it.
When I first replaced my regular cat litter with World's Best Cat Litter the cats went right to it. They started smelling it out and then left it alone for a while. Sally was the first to go back, and after she went I hurried over to inspect. When I saw I was pretty impressed because it was instant clumping action. And I know this sounds gross, but I took a big Whiff and there was NO SMELL! Nothing at all. To end my test I grabbed the scoop and shoveled it up; There wasn't a trace of anything left behind, it looked as if it were newly laid litter.

I am proud to say that I will be permanently using The World's Best Cat Litter from now on. It is definitely the best out there; and that's what I want for my cats :)

World's Best Cat Litter is available at AmazonFoster and SmithPet Food DirectPETCO, Pet Net Direct and PetSmart.

 Disclosure: Review Product was Provided to me  . Review was entirely of my own opinion


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