Sunday, May 23, 2010

R. Leakey let me use his camera to take pictures of the Ratties!! :)

Today, my cousin Randy let me use his Camera (as you all know, he is a professional photographer, so he has a very high dollar camera!) It was amazing, I got beautiful pictures of Hairy, Elie, Little Dumbo, and more! I have to share the outcome! I am so happy, I feel like a photographer! :)!!!

The picture above is Hairy. He was floating on the water skateboard. (don't worry, he was supervised :) )
This picture was one of many favorites. Hairy, you look so beautiful!

The one above is Hairy again. After the pool we went out to the grass, where he happily posed for  lots of pictures. :)

I love this one too! If you look closely, you can see Hairy popping his head out the top of the head, aww!

The one above here is Hairy again. And I adore this one! He looks like a model!
By request Hairy will mail out autographs. (kidding)

Hairy again, Basking in his beauty.

Hairy, cleaning his little nosie!

Theres little Hairy showing his wild side by tree climbing! (1 foot off the ground lol )

This one above is Little Dumbo. (His name is Little Dumbo b/c he is the smallest hairless rat I have and he is a dumbo . He was exploring the flower pot :)

Haha, Little Dumbo found his way to my Toad Castle and tried peeking his head out the tiny window. Aww!

Model Shot of Little Dumbo, posing by the latice.

And thats it for now, But hopefully R Leakey will let me use his $3000 dollar camera again :o!!
I would love to know what you all think, can I get them a modeling gig? (Kidding)

Take Care!
-Amanda T


  1. I love the pic of Little Dumbo in the Toad castle

  2. Lovely pics- all are super... but my fav is Hairy posing on the statue- that's an excellent photo!

  3. Awesome pics!!! I love the one with Hairy floating on the skateboard.

    Have a nice day, Amanda!!!

  4. awwwww! cute shots!

  5. They are adorable! Serious question here though...Do they need sun screen when they are outside??? Just curious:_)

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  9. Amazing. So glad I found your blog.

  10. Hi! My son is going to love looking at these photos. He loves animals. We have had hamsters, Guineas, lizards, fish and a dog and rats. These remind me of the little guy on Kim Possible.
    Following back!
    Have a great night!

  11. Great photos!! Must have been fun to use such a fab camera!

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  13. Following your blog on GFC - I love ratties! We had to find our 3 dwarf girls a new home because of my allergies :(
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  14. Love the photos, amazing what a really good camera can do. Your rats are adorable. My kids had rats...they were the ONLY little pet that didn't bite them! They have such a bad name, hopefully blogging about them as you do will urge moms to consider a rat before a hamster, gerbil, or guinea pig.

    Following your back from Tuesday Tag Along.