Monday, May 10, 2010

Review: Mineral Basics

Mineral Basics have so many different beauty products! Whether you like to go bold or light, there is a product for you. Personally my favorite collection is the Fantasy Collection. The Fantasy Collection is filled with unique, mysterious colors. Take a look:

Aren't those purples and greens just eye-catching? The Fantasy Collection (pictured above) is available (some of each color) for $25.00.

If the bright and bold colors are not for you, you may like the "Blue-to-Gold" which is a Mineral Color. It isn't too dark, and not too light.

Blue-to-Gold Multi-Use Mineral Color 1/8 tsp in zip Bag

Or if you really like a super soft color, you may be interested in the Candy Blush Mineral color, which is a very soft pink with just a little shine.

Candy Blush Mineral Color 1/8 tsp in zip Bag

But there is something in between everything, if your picky and like not to dark not too light then I am positive they'll have something for you! The possibilities are endless with Mineral Basics. And sizes are available in regular sizes, multi packs and samples which are small baggies that are available for only $1.95.

You can connect with Mineral Basics by visiting them on their Website, Following them on Twitter @MineralBasics , Checking out there great Blog or "Liking" them on Facebook.

For my review the colors I chose were...
  1. Elven-wood

2.Magical Spell

3. Mermaid

4.Feline - Familiar

5. Secret Potion

6.Hidden- Creatures

7.Blue to Gold




11. Kingdom-Rule

12. Bronze shimmer

13.Candy Blush


15.Purple to Gold

They were all so beautiful! If you asked me to pick a favorite, I couldn't! I've had a chance to apply and wear all of them. Each color seemed like it changed my look. Sometimes I looked and felt edgy while other times I felt sweet and innocent. Isn't it crazy how color can change how you feel?  It can be a good thing or a bad thing.
Go ahead! Take a look around, I know you'll be happy! Even if you just get samples. The Sample baggies last at least enough for 2 or 3 applications. I would recommend Mineral Basics to anyone. Great Value and great products.

Review products were provided to me. No monetary compensation was received. Opinions expressed were entirely my own.

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