Friday, May 14, 2010

Review: Scrubz Body Scrub

Scrubz is a wonderful company that sells all natural skin care products.
For my review from Scrubz I chose the Scrubz all natural sugar body scrub with the Wild Cherry Almond scent. Let me start off by saying is smells wonderful! It smells like something I would eat!

 Not only does the Scrubz Wild Cherry Almond sugar body scrub smell good, but it also works good too! For only $9.00 a 4oz jar, you can't go wrong! "Softening the world one jar at a time." That's exactly what there doing. I used the Scrubz sugar scrub on my face and afterwards my face felt so refreshed! It felt clean, smelled delicious and was super soft! Also, an added bonus; It also exfoliates the skin. My mom is also in love with it (especially the scent) and she is using my jar. If your looking for a good value skin care product then really, give Scrubz a try. I'm positive you'll be happy!

Some  more positive aspects to Scrubz- Scrubz is made in the USA ( no foreign transport), The jars are recyclable, the bags they come in are reusable and so are the scoops they come with. Definitely a green product to look out for!!

Scrubz has many great, green products. Not only for adults, but for kids too. For your kids check out the Scrubblez. Whats great about Scrubblez is that it is whipped, so it's extra gentle for kids sensitive skin, and the natural oils moisturize and protect there skin.
Scrubblez are available in 16oz jars and 4 oz jars.

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Disclosure: Review product was provided to me. No monetary compensation was received. Opinions expressed are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  1. The Scrubz sounds great and I will definitely visit their website and look around. What a great review also. HAVE A gREAT WEEKEND!!! :)