Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday Fishing Trip Sea Slug story I just had to share.

Ok so some of you may or may not know that my family owns a 28 foot Aquasport Boat. And we like to go fishing alot. Well Sunday happened to be a good fishing day. We went out 33 miles, caught some nice fish and headed back about 6 hours later. Well when we get back to the boat launch I jump out and tie up the boat and grandpa goes to get the car and trailer.

Well I am waiting for him and I notice these 2 little boys (about 10) and they say "hey  grandma come look at this" So instantly  I am intrigued, because Im standing fairly close and all I can see is a black blog the size of a potato.

So I walk down to where they are and I'm just like "what is that?" and there both just like I don't know, I think it's some time of water snail without its shell. And I'm just thinking "yeah ok, stupid" lol
It looked like a piece of nasty algea. But then it started moving and I was like, "NO!" but yes, it was moving and it stuck out its head and sure enough it had those little snail eyes.

Then the worst thing happened, this boat wanted to put in it's boat, and the slug was right there at the bottom of the ramp. So I'm just like ok, we have to get this out of the way. So I kick off the flip flops and try to scoop it on. Well this thing is like a blog of jelly; and there was no way I would have been able to get it on.
One of the boys was just like "ohh just pick it up" and I was like "uhh.. no way, it could be poisinous" and then he goes "No, Ive already touched and help it for a second"
And seeing this guy still waiting to put his boat in I grab it (EW!!!) and set it on the pier.

Then the craziest thing happened, this Sea Slug started like "morphing" and it was like making these different shapes. Then it happened, It inked. It inked everywhere, I swear it had let out enough ink to fill 20 pens.

I knew I couldn't just leave it there to get pecked away by birds, So I picked it up again and placed it on my shoe. Then I walked out to my knees in the water and set it in gently. Then off it went. It spread it's little snail wings and it was gone. It was Majestic really. Beautiful thing.

This was actually my first encounter with a Sea Slug, I had never even heard of them. So I came home and looked it up. And they are intriguing little things.

I've been dying to share with someone, so enjoy and watch out for Sea Slugs :)


  1. LOL. See slugs are really cool. That one is a sea hare. I prefer sea slugs of the nudibranch family. They don't exactly "morph", it's just the way they move. And the inking? That's just cool. The sea hare I've encountered haven't been annoyed enough to ink, even when they were handled. Honestly I've been a little disappointed becaue I would have thought that inking would look pretty cool, even if it were a pain to clear up! I write a lot about sea slugs on my other website... which USED to be called "The Happy Nudibranch". in fact, my main screen name is still Dorid (a type of nudibranch)

  2. Sea slugs are awesome. I like to watch puffer fish too. I'm following your from Pitch it to me ning group!

  3. Wow Amanda, what a cool encounter! So nice of you to save it's little life!

  4. I have never heard of these little creatures. I am just happy to read that you are the kind of person who cared enough to get it out of harms way.

  5. Thank you for the pictures and story. I have never heard anything like this. That was way cool.

  6. I have never seen anything like it or heard anything about it. My daughter would be so fascinated, except she wouldn't pick it up; she'd want me to!

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