Friday, June 4, 2010

Review: Gary West Beef Jerky Bouquet (Great Father's Day idea!!)

My grandpa seriously thinks I am trying to get something because I keep giving him all these nice things :)
Grandpa is a very very big meat eater, so I don't really have to say, that he loves his beef jerky.
The Red Bouquet was beautifully packaged wrapped in red tissue paper with a bow and surrounded by crinkle paper.
Of course, being my grandpa, he didn't appreciate the nice packaging as much as me, but he was really eager to tear into that jerky bouquet.

The Red Bouquet comes with a dozen long beef jerky strips, the flavors being: 3 Cajun, 3 Teriyaki,  3 Traditional and 3 Cracked Pepper. According to grandpa each one had a very distinct/unique flavor, and it tasted much more traditional compared to the everyday grocery store beef jerky.

He is IN LOVE with Gary West beef jerky now, and I don't think he'll ever be satisfied with the regular beef jerky again. Surprisingly he is actually saving it, normally he would eat an entire bag of jerky in about 10 minutes, but he told me that he just wants it to last. Trust me, coming from him, you should know, Gary West jerky is GOOD!

Gary West does have more then just the Red Bouquet Available, they have many other beef products that I am positive any father would love!
Here are a few Gary West products I know any father would jump at!
The Rouge Valley Sampler : Available for $39.00
Includes: Rogue Creamery herb flavored cheddar, All Beef Summer Sausage, crispy Deux Chat hand made Rosemary Crackers, Gary West Sweet Hot Mustard, Original Recipe Jerky and fudge.
  Or look at this, I can only imagine, anyone would drool just by looking at this ham.
The Old fashioned Ham from Gary West: Available for  $59.00

  And here is my favorite! They have beef jerky for dogs!
The Gus' Jerky for Dogs! Available for $10.00
PS: That's my dog Wilbur. (Thanks for the pose Wubby!)
  Gary West has the best Jerky products, so if your looking for a great present for dad, or just a high quality jerky then stop by and see the many choices from Gary West!

You can connect with Gary West on Twitter , Facebook , YouTube and Flickr

A big Thank you to Gary West Meats for allowing me too review there delicious Red Bouquet! My Grandpa loved it!

Review Product was provided to me. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions expressed above are my own, and were not affected in any way.

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  1. Very nice review! I always enjoy your enthusiasm and your honesty. Sounds like a great product!!