Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Review : Himalayan Salt Shop

The Himalayan Salt Shop is really nice! For my review I received a 4-5 Natural Salt Rock Lamp. It is so neat and all natural!
The Salt Lamps are really One of a kind!
Each one is slightly different in shape. The 4-5 lb Salt Lamp is the smallest lamp available. Even so the lamp is really heavy duty. The Salt Lamp is naturally an orange/peach color; So when the lightbulb is turned on inside it lights up orange.  It is  very pretty and lights up the whole room.

My grandpa has a beautiful Mahogany desk and it has a glass top. The Salt Lamp has a dark wooden base and it looks so beautiful, and perfectly matched with the color of the desk. It really gives the den a classy feeling.

I also love the the Salt Lamp is all natural. Get this, I know it's kinda weird, but I did actually lick the lamp. And yes, it tastes like salt. hehe :)

I believe the Salt Lamp could make a wonderful gift for anyone. Adults, or kids! Kid's would be intrigued and adults would be very happy because there beautiful and really homey.

The Himalayan Salt Shop also has Salt Lamps in weights.. 6-8lbs, 9-11 lbs, 12-15lbs, 20-30 lbs, 30-40lbs, and 40-50lbs.

There are also shaped salt lamps, a couple of my favorites are the Large Bowl of Fire Salt Lamp :
 Or the Tear Drop Salt Lamp, so elegant!
  The Himalayan Salt Shop also has a few other things like Salt Bath Crystals and Salt Candle Holders. Personally I think they have the cutest little heart shaped salt candle holders.
  Really adorable!
If you are looking for a wonderful gift or a special something for yourself then look into getting a Salt Lamp from The Himalayan Salt Shop!

I always wanted to take a minute to say Thank you to The Himalayan Salt Shop for providing me with a wonderful Salt Lamp!

-Disclosure- Review product was provided to me. I received no monetary compensation. All opinion expressed are mine and were not influenced in any way.


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