Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Wow, I am so sorry! I have not posted any winners in quite a while! So here we go.. All the way back to the Cream Perfume giveaway up until the Kmart giveaway winners..
The 2 winners of the Cream Perfume giveaway:
Comment number 30: Debbie

and comment number 65: LLL with Leslie

 Winner of the THROX Socks giveaway:
Comment number 85: Gustosa

The Winner of the Belly Charms Peace Sign Necklace Giveaway:
Comment Number 94: Kady L.  

  The 3 Winners of the YOYO Lipgloss giveaway:
 Comment Number 24: Little Bishops

Winner # 2
Comment Number 81: Tannawings

Winner number 3
Comment Number 64:  Sugar Plum Fairy

 Winner of the Clipa Purse hanger:
Comment Number 90: Purplelover04

Winner of the Beardhead Giveaway:
Comment Number 112: Cynthia

  Winner of the Sticky Words Giveaway:
Comment Number 103: sibabe64

 The Winner of the Fantasy Jewelry Box $35 or under item:
Comment Number 54: Carol

Winner of the Warm Buddy: Wooly Sheep:
Comment number 147 : Cynthia

Winner of the Bored Inc. Giveaway-
Comment Number 118 : Melissa P.

And finally..

The winner of the $25 KMART Giftcard Giveaway-
Comment Number 391: gbarbetto

I am sorry I was so behind on posting the winners, I will post them more frequently, I promise!

Congrats to all of you, your all winners :)

-Amanda T


  1. congrats to all winners.

    Amanda i just want to let you know that I already received the THROX Socks yesterday.


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    BTW great blog

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