Friday, July 2, 2010

Ok! I am back ! Things will be back to normal!

Hi everyone! AHg! I Missed talking to all of you! So glad to be home! I was out of town and had limited access to the computer, the only thing I had time to do was draw a few giveaway winners.

Sorry, random picture! My cousin put of the lattice around the pool while we were gone. I think it looks really nice! Except the pool got filled with metal shavings from drilling,  and in the picture it looks kinda gross lol >.<

Anyways back to what I was saying.. Things have been really hectic- We had company (2 sets actually) and then I left and I had been so busy catching up and hanging out that I just lost time really. But don't worry! I am back! Things will be back to normal and my posts will  be back to how they were.. Updated!

I'll have a post for you all soon enough. OH! And did I tell you? I have been accepted as a blog from Blogmania, and I will have a really nice giveaway on September 15th-16th! Don't miss out on the biggest blogging event of the year!!

I have already got a few sponsors and I am sure you will all be pleased. Don't worry! I will be making a teaser post soon enough.

For now just enjoy yourselves and look forward to the coming event. :)

Take Care everyone!
-Amanda T 


  1. Great pool!
    New follower from MBC

  2. I'm passing on an award to you at my blog:

  3. Welcome back :). I'm doing blogmania too. I doing a theme of 'Everything Emmy' with subcategories of "eco-friendly, baby-kid products, and tech/nerdy/geeky". I'm also pretty sure I'll end up with an 'other stuff' category too. haha. My goal is to have those categories to give people an idea of the giveaways i usually have, you know? I'm doing really good in the kid/baby and ecofriendly categories but i only have one sponsor with a 13 dollar item for the techy/nerdy category.

  4. Welcome back! Always check to see how you're doing when I stop by.
    The pool looks great-so refreshing!

  5. Welcome back Amanda!!

  6. Welcome back!! Also since I am fairly new to your blog, do you post winners all together or on each giveaway or??? Thanks!! I am out of town right now and I know what you mean about having little time to access the net!

  7. Actually I try to post after I have several winnners, That way I don't end up making way to many posts, but actually I would say it is time for the winners post, I will make a post later tonight with the winners for all of you :)