Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Thin Woman Kicked Off Flight"

Ok. Normally I wouldn't post about something like this, but something in the video really gets on my nerves...

Ok, so please watch the video above. Now I want you to think about one of the ladies said "I think they made the right decision, I mean it could have been traumatizing for that young boy, 14 years old, to be removed from the plane because he needed 2 seats."
I really hope you see the problem here. I am not going to throw my opinion out on what I think should have been done. But the woman's statement really upset me, because really.. Think about it.. Now that 14 year old boy has to grow up knowing the whole world (or anyone who has seen the video) knows he is a fat boy. Instead of leaving it just in the plane, look where it's at now. All over the news. The poor kid didn't do this on purpose, and he dosen't deserve all of this. Now thanks to whoever, this 14 year old will be constantly critisized. And I know, they didn't show his picture but I'm sure that will eventually be leaked out.

The statement just didn't make sense to me, I think now there is way more damage done then what it could have been.

What do you think about it? Do you think they were right doing what they did?


  1. She was on standby. He had reservations for that flight. They shouldn't have been seating standby until all the other passengers were seated.

  2. I heard about this on "The View"! I dunno. The lil' person paid for their seat. I'm torn.

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  3. There would not be any discussion if the whole thing had been handled more discreetly. Who leaked the info? Was the woman manhandled off the plane, was she ordered off in loud voices? I agree that she was on standby and therefore the young man had first "dibs" so to speak, but the whole thing could have, should have been handled in a much more tasteful manner. The airline did get her on the next flight & refund her money.

  4. I think if they had done as the newscaster suggested & asked for a volunteer to give up a seat and reseated the kid, it would have been a decent idea too. It really could have been handled better.
    I do think some fault lies with the parents of the boy. They had to have known he would require 2 seats and just paid for one.... wouldnt they have known this ahead of time ? And couldnt they have paid for 2 seats and avoided the whole scene?

  5. Geez... you are not guaranteed a seat when you fly standby. I don't think that this should have been a news item, plain and simple.

  6. I agree with most everyone else who posted. It'd be one thin if they both had bought tickets ahead of time, but the skinny woman was standby, so she wasn't as entitled to the seat as the boy was who had purchased earlier.

    I also want to point out that you don't have to be extremely huge to 'require two seats' according to airlines. So it's VERY possible that his family didn't realize he would need two seats. He doesn't necessarily weigh 350lbs or something. If any part of you hangs over the seat, they can force you to use two seats.

  7. I agree with everyone else really. She was on standby, she didn't have the right to that seat.

  8. I have never flown Emmy- I figured it would be pretty standard or something - so perhaps it is kinda subjective as far as size/weight/height.

  9. I think airlines should post waist sizes in inches. If you're over, you need two seats. I would think you'd know if you need two seats and buy them in advance, avoiding all this nonsense. She being standby isn't the issue. The kid got a free seat.