Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update on my Baby Rats and 2 Rat Birthdays! : )

Yay! I finally have updated pictures of the baby! Well babies, another one of my females had a baby like 5 days after the last time I posted. So there are 2, and I guarantee you won't even recognize the one from last time! : )

Yes! This rat above, was... this ->
Here are a few more pictures of this baby ( I didn't name her yet!)
And I couldn't get an updated picture of her mom because mom was being very very naughty and didn't want to be help right then, but just as a little reminder here is the old picture of mom: She looks the same, but a little fatter : D
And here is the picture of the other baby. He is a boy. Which is why he is about the same size as his "sister" There not really brother and sister but they grew up in the same cage, so I consider them Brother and Sister.

Isn't he beautiful? He has that creamy colored hood and I love it :)
And can you see his wavy fur? In the rat world he is known as a Rex because the curly fur and as you can see he has those pretty red eyes just like his daddy :)
Even though he is a week younger I am going to say that he actually weighs more then his sister hehe ^.^
And then here is a picture of cream baby (no name yet!) and his mommy. I know I know, it's funny. The Black and white ones mom is white and the white/cream ones mom is black and white like the other one lol. whoamg! I am just not realizing! Baby boy is close to his mommys size! She is very petite though.
  (Oh and yes, I did use a pizze box for the background lol!)
Today is also 2 of my rats birthdays (Yes, they are brothers even though they don't look alike hehe) Today they are 1 year old, yay! :)
And yes, I did buy special hats for them.
 They also had little pieces of cake, unfortunatly I did not have the camera at the time of the cake eating.

I present to you... Carlos and Luis 1st Birthday!!
  Happy 1st Birthday Luis!!

And Happy 1st Birthday Carlos!!

Sorry for not getting a lot of pictures! It's very hard to get the ratties to stay still hehe! :)
I will have a special treat for everyone (pictures) once they arrive. I bought these super cute hats on Etsy for my rats, one is a giant Cat in the Hat, Hat for a rat and the other is a little cowboy hat :D Yay!

And also, I am on the lookout..

I need someone to make me a few pieces of rat clothes, it can be simple, extravagent or whatever. I just want to be able to dress them up for special occasions. I am also in need of a little rat diaper. If any of you can make them I would be willing to pay, we can discuss pricing. Or if you want to donate them that would be very appreciated! I put an ad on Etsy (Alchemy) but the sellers on there are being a little ridiculous with pricing. I don't mind paying but I don't feel it is fair to charge me $40 for something so small and simple to make. If any of you are up for it please let me know :)!!
I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!! Once my little rat hats arrive I will be posting some more for all of you to enjoy!!

-Amanda T


  1. Happy Birthday to your super cute rats!!! Hope you'll find someone to make them the clothes.

    Have a nice day, Amanda!

  2. Hun, I have no IDEA how big rats clothes are, but they are darling in their little hats :)I make sock monkey stuff, but if ya dont have a rat around or an idea of size it would be tough!

    Love the babies- both are super cute!

  3. Awww, they all look so sweet.

    I have always heard that making doll clothes, like Barbie clothes, is almost harder than making real clothes, because they're so much smaller. I don't know if that's a factor in the high price of rat clothes, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

  4. Cute little things!! Good luck finding someone to make them some clothes. I was looking at barbie clothes last year - and found it was MUCH cheaper to buy them on ebay from China in bulk! Maybe you could try that??

  5. Amanda the babies are so cute, but the Birthday Boys with their little hats is Too Cute! Happy Birthday boys!

  6. Adorable family you have there. I had a pet rat long ago. Smart little guys. :)

    They can grow so fast that sized clothing might be difficult. I wonder if there's a way to make adjustable pieces. Unfortunately, I never could work with fabric.