Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wobble Over Wednesday, Week 4! Welcome!! :)

Yay! Welcome to week 4 of Wobble over Wednesday!!

It would have been week 5, but sadly I was unable to post last week, no worries though! Wobble Over Wednesday is back (and here to stay, every Wednesday!)

I know I know... It's Tuesday.. I am so sorry I am doing this a little early. I had to work today, 8 hours that is... It was 95 degrees outside and I had to help unload a huge truck.. Yuck! So I am exhausted and I have a terrible headache so I am going to go ahead and lay down for a little bit. When I wake up I will go ahead and update all of you with pictures of the baby rats and I will also have another giveaway up for all of you :)

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And.... GO!
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Remember... Have Fun!!
-Amanda T :)


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