Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aaron's birthday is coming up.. On September 11th!

It's True!! :)
(Art by Amanda T :) )

Thats right! Aaron's birthday is on the 11th! I know, it's such a sad day.. but for us, it's still a time to celebrate. We pay our respects to those who died in the 9/11 attacks, but deep down, we know they would all still want Aaron to have  a good birthday :).
So.. Heres whats going on.. I want to have a big birthday for him this year. I am going to throw a big party for him and I want it to be magical. I already have his gift, but I want to do something more. I've already started to put together a fun little (But super hard!) scavenger hunt for him, but heres the thing.. I'm not sure what I want to put as the prize at the end. I want it to be something special.. I was thinking with everything going on with his mom it could be something for her, but it's his birthday and I want it to be about him. 
If you have any ideas on what it could be or if you would just like to pitch in some ideas that I could  do/try then please share! :)

-OH! and don't worry about him seeing this, he only reads my blog when I ask him too! :)

Take Care!
-Amanda T


  1. First of all I am a sap- sooooo
    Near the end, have one of the 'finds' be a key.
    Bury a box that the key fits into.
    At the end, have a box full of hearts-and on each heart write out why you love him -and also include hearts 'good for one kiss' etc.
    Sounds Valentine like, but you're young and in love, and gifts like that bring back memories for many years.
    If the end gift was say a stereo, he might remember it 10 years from now, but trust me, 20 years from now he will still have the key to your heart and you both can remember together :)

  2. Since you mentioned both Aaron and his Mom, I was thinking something for both of them/ something they can do together. For example: two movie tickets and a gift card for dinner. Aaron can pick the movie and the gift card can be a resteraunt that he enjoys. (or one that that Mom enjoys going to)

  3. I think it is sweet that you want to do this. Since there has been so much necessary concentration on his mom, I think that the birthday should be about him, give him some space to be himself. I like tannawings' idea. I hid hearts all over my daughter's apt one time when I was visiting, some were blank, some said I love you, etc. but she still remembers this after 15yrs. You would have to have some kind of clues as where to find the hidden chest, but I would put it in the house somewhere, or at least somewhere protected from weather, etc.

  4. Wow, I don't have any ideas better than what these smart girls already said! I love the box with the key idea!

    Great site! Good luck with the birthday party, and yeah, September 11th is a sad day, but the best part of life is we can appreciate the great times and not dwell on the negative!
    Nice to meet you! Swing in and say "hi" if you have time :)

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