Saturday, August 7, 2010

Poll about my blog layout.

HI everyone!
I want to ask you all something.
Personally I love my blog layout. It has the beautiful colors in the background and the octopus I think is cute in it's own special way.  Look how happy it is with that smile.

I've gotten a message from 1 person saying that the octopus scares them. The octopus is.. obviously not real and it's just a picture.. So I don't really understand. This person wants me to change my whole blog design... I would like for all of you to tell me what you think. I don't want to change my layout.. but if you all think I should then I will.

Please comment below and let me know what you think!
-Amanda T

BTW- If you comment as anonymous I will not count your  vote. (Because I don't want anyone to vote more then once!)


  1. No way girl! Please don't change it. I think it's so cute. I like the colors, and the octopus is super cute. Your blog layout is AWESOME the way that it is. Some people will complain no matter what, you know? Can't please everyone! And you shouldn't have to. As long as YOU like it, and it's a nice and easy blog for your readers to navigate and use, then that's what matters!


  2. Hmm, makes you wonder if they scare easy, cause once someone has visited your blog they shouldn't be scared again! lol!
    I love the blue and your design, it's you, I wouldn't change it! I agree with Amber, some people just like to complain about things!

  3. I'm not that into the octopus, no offense. I think real pictures of octopi are beautiful but this one has a kind of robot-like quality to it that is off-putting. But of course it's your blog and you can do what you want.

  4. What does the octopus signify? It is kind of reminds me of the freaky lips on the DQ commercial BUT people will always remember this background because it is so different from the usual picture of a Mom with a handful of shopping bags and babies lined with ric-rac and buttons.

  5. OK, I didn't know it was an Octopus :) haha...I thought it was an eye and mouth with hair :)

    If that person is scared by the Octopus then they scare very easily...Because it's not scary...

    If YOU like it then you should keep it, because it is YOUR blog!!

    I like the colors...And the eye and mouth with hair :) haha...Keep it!!

  6. I think the octopus is awesome, but more importantly, YOU like it!! This is YOUR blog, YOUR place of expression! Don't let someone bully you into changing it! Of course, that's just MY humble opinion!!

  7. ROTFL... the octopus SCARES them? not all the cute little mice (er, rats) in your header?

    I figure it's YOUR BLOG, and you should have it set up the way YOU WANT. You obviously have quite a few followers and readers, plenty of comments, etc. What should the octopus matter?

    The setup is easy to read, easy to navigate, and beyond that, I guess the question is do YOU like it?

  8. It is the same as if someone visits my home and is critical...they can feel free to leave at any time! But seriously, tell them to use Google reader and they will never see it. I am not voting, because I think you should do as you see fit...

  9. Ya know, I always like visiting your blog BECAUSE it is bright, and it is young looking (like a younger person would have it ) Really really love your background colors and the octopus thingie is cute.
    Now I would suppose the person who might have said something is entering your contests... and lets further suppose it is for the gift card- ya have a shark there! Now thats unusual, but it is YOUR blog and you live in Florida and for you, well sharks arent unusual.
    Keep it like it is, it is your blog, your layout, and until you feel like a change keep it as is.
    You're doing a great job Amanda. As your Grandparents might say "If it aint broke, don't fix it"

  10. I feel so much better after reading what all of you have to say! I do love my blog layout, and I really don't want to change it.

    Katie, your right. I really don't think it is an octopus either but that is the first animal I think of when I see it.

    Maybe thats what I should do a poll of! I could do a poll of what the octopus'/hair monster's name should be! Maybe Herman?

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  12. if you love it and the reader can read what you wrote, then it's ok.I'm okay with it!

  13. You blog represents who you are as a person. If you love your design you shouldn't have to change it to please your readers. It doesn't seem like you would be staying true to yourself if you did that. And I like it. I don't know another blog out there that looks like yours! It's one of a kind. =)

  14. First of all this is YOUR blog! Your the one it should matter to. Like Darlyn said, if we can read it then that's what really matters to us.
    Personally I like your blog because it's unique. I know where I am. SO many of the other blogs I visit I have to actually look and see where I am because they are all so similar.
    The person who complained, well, I would just ban them from your blog! LOL. That wasn't very nice of them. I mean come on, if THAT scares them that much then they have a problem.

  15. That is so far beyond ridiculous it's ridiculous. MORE OCTOPUSSES! SCARE THEM AWAY lol

    Your blog one of my favourite blog designs, if not my absolute favourite! It's original, colourful, and CUTE!

  16. I didn't know what it was but i was never scared or offended by it. Your blog is organized and easy to read / navigate so I say keep it!

  17. I'm getting a kick out of reading everyone's responses :)

    CONFESSION: I was the "complainer" who has a problem with being scared by a little cartoon!

    Amanda - I truly did not mean to be rude toward you or imply that you should change your whole blog simply because I was a little disturbed by the "one-eyed monster." I think the rest of your blog is quite beautiful (I also dig the aqua!) and I absolutely resonate with the other posters who have expressed that, "It is YOUR blog!" It's just that I have been working in web design research for the past 4 years and I just wanted to offer my honest opinion. That's just what it is -- an opinion that you can take or ignore. With a name like "My Life with Rats" (which is hilarious, btw), I was a little confused to see the octopus as it doesn't seem to quite fit. But, you know what, it's your blog, you can do what you want.

    Again, I am really sorry if I offended you. You don't need to ban me because I can voluntarily leave if you'd just ask.

    Thank you :)

    A Mama from Seattle

  18. Can't please everyone, it's a fact of life!

    Carol Wong

  19. Please don't change a thing! I love your blog just the way it is! It has so much character and personality. It let's us see that you are an individual and not a cookie cutter replica blogger. Not that there is anything wrong with blogs that are but they don't let us see the real persons personality like yours does. I personally love the octopus, he is adorable! Love the the randomness of it all,
    You have dared to be different doll....don't you dare conform! :D

  20. Some people! I once has someone say my avatar (which looked like a cartoon of me!) Wss a little scary...would you have then siggested i change my own image to plessr this one person who obviously has issues of their own? I think not.

    Your blog is just that...YOUR Blog, if it has an octopus image that is too scary for that pdrdon then perhaps they should just not visit your blog. How rediculous!

    Like my father use to say, "opinions are like butt-holes (i cleaned up his words), we all have them, but some stink worse than others." Hope that did not offend anyone, my father was a man of few words so he knew how to get right to the point, lol.


    Pardon the type o's, typing from my cell and it wont let me go back to fix them :S

  21. Sweetie, it's YOUR blog. Make it your OWN. This is your passion and those who love to share your passion, will come visit. Be yourself. I love your blog.

  22. I love your blog and rats and animals, I am an animal ,lover!! Scared?? Get off the compuuter,ridiculous!! Only thing that disturbs me though is seeing the shark cut open every time i visit your blog although i read the story and i know what's behind it i would prefer not to see it every time i come and enter!I think everything else is cute!

  23. I think it is great the way it is. It doesn't frighten me in the least. I find the idea that someone thinks it is scary laughable. As long as your happy with it, I am happy too :D.

  24. Your blog shows off your fun loving personality. You like the octopus and it is your blog so keep it! I love to read about and see all your little rats. In real life if I ran across a wild rat I would probably be petrified. I had never heard of people having rats for pets before I read your blog and I keep coming back to see how they are doing. I find them rather fascinating. There are always going to be people telling us how to do things, and the way they would do things but we are all unique and your blog is an expression of your creativity. Keep being yourself and don't try to please all the world because you can't. When I need to smile I come and check out your blog because it always puts a smile on my face. Thanks for the fun blog!!!

  25. I think you should keep your blog the way you want it. Looks like there are a lot more of us that are happy with your design rather than not! I'd say keep it :) It's you, no sense trying to change for other people.

  26. I didn't really know the purpose or meaning of the Octopus, and in fact, I thought perhaps it was a cutesy representation of H.P. Lovecraft's creature Cthulhu. It doesn't bother me, though. I agree with everyone who says that this is your blog and you should decorate it however you like.

    I will, however, point out an incorrect word in your "about me" section. You say that you dedicate a lot of time to your rats because there cages have to be cleaned daily, but it should be "their cages." :)

  27. It doesn't scare me at all, I like it as it is.
    The only suggestion I would make (my preference) is that the comment form appear as a separate window, rather than embedded on the page. For some reason I can't copy and paste comments into the embedded form, but I can when the comments form pops up in a separate window.

  28. I love it! Please don't change it! The octopus IS smiling!!

  29. It's your blog and you do with it as you want. To have someone request that you change it is like them taking over your uniqueness.

  30. I love your background! It makes me smile

  31. My goodness... if you don't like it, don't come. Leave it as it is.


  33. I like the color pages. I express my protest against the photo with rats. They are cause discomfort and disgust.
    I remind you of the delay of posts on selecting winners.
    Good luck!