Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review and Giveaway(Free Trial): Everyone is a Winner! Proportion's Custom Dog Food.

Proportion's Dog Food. It's the dog food that you can customize to fit your dog!
Proportions was such a treat for my dogs! I have to face it, I have big dogs, and well.. there pigs. I know there just dogs but they are so picky about there food! If it's too plain they just will not eat it. Well fortunatley Proportions was flavorful and more!

When I first opened the box of Proportion's I was thinking, well it can't be that great, it's just dog food. WRONG! Wow! Honestly this dog food looked like something I would  eat lol >.<

Each Proportion's meal is suited to your dog. You let them know the approximate size of your dog and based on that they determine the correct serving amount your dogs should get. Both of my dogs are very big and were each given 2 342 Calorie meals.
The Proportions food comes in 3 different packets.

Packet #1- The Crunchy Blend which is a Chicken and Brown Rice Formula. This is like the base.
Packet #2- The Stew. Which consists of hand carved chicken in pumpkin soup formula.
Packet #3- The Harvest Mix. Which consists of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

You mix the 3 together and voila! It's like a gourmet meal for dogs. Look at the presentation.

My dogs ate Proportion's as if they hadn't eaten in months. It was so obvious they loved it. Once the food was gone they gave me the puppy dog look, I wanted to give them the other packet but I also wanted it to last for another meal lol.

If you are looking to get your dog on a healthy, custom meal plan then I absolutely recommend Proportions. I was thrilled with how well my dogs liked it, and I'm pretty sure they were thrilled too! :)

It's not the regular giveaway but the wonderful people from the Proportion's website are letting me give all of you a Trial of Proportion's. All you have to do is enter in this code when prompted: TNTrial23

If you have a dog, you must take advantage of this offer! Your dog will fall in love!

If you decide to try the trial out please let me know! I would love to know how well your pup's like it too! :)

Disclosure: Review product received. All opinions expressed were my own and were not influenced in any way.


  1. Took me a few minutes where they wanted the code at, but finally figured it out.
    Will tell ya if it is a paws up or down from Odin- he's pretty good size too, and likes nearly anything!
    Great post, thanks much!

  2. Twittered

  3. Found your blog through Toddler Awesome's Friendly Friday Follow, and I'm so glad I did! I love your blog!
    The layout is so pretty and I love the octopus!
    What a great giveaway- so cool that you can customize your dogs food. Who woulda thunk it? Awesome!
    Hope to see you around the bloggy-verse!

  4. Tried but couldn't find a place/page to use the code. I got a message to call them and that I won't do. Thanks. I will keep this food in mind.

  5. Odin got his food yesterday and gave it a go this morning- he says he likes it ALOT! It musta been pretty good smelling- I feed the cats their 'wet' food before I feed Odin, and one of the cats jumped away from his food and over to where I was putting the dog food togetherand started lapping up the stew part before it got all stirred in.
    If it wasn't so pricey I would consider it- I like the way it is proportioned and just the right size!
    Thanks much for the code- it was nice seeing how this type of food worked.