Saturday, September 4, 2010

My silly dog Wilbur!

My dog Wilbur is so funny sometimes!
This happened the other day. I walk into my room and theres Wilbur sleeping in this little tiny bed... That I got for my cats lol! This is actually a dog bed, but it's meant for a tiny dog like a Yorkie or Shitzhu. I got it for my cats a while back and while we were painting the den it was placed in my room. Wilbur has taken a liking to it and now sleeps in it almost everyday. Once it's time to go to bed though he gets in bed with me :).

I just think he looks so silly in that tiny bed! I mean Wilbur weighs like 76lbs, I'd say he's just a little too big hehe :D

Here are some more pics for you all to enjoy and I also took a picture of just the bed with a mason jar and my Ipod inside so you could actually see how small it is compared to something.

     I thought that this was so cute and I wanted to share it with you all :)

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  -Amanda T


  1. LOL! Wilbur's butt and head hang off both ends :) Odin does crazy stuff like that too- dogs are silly!

    You betcha- voting and tweeting!

  2. LOl how cute My Big dog used to lay on my chihuahua and i think she liked it haha even when she slept in bed with me she liked to be right behind me so id squish Her!

  3. Wilbur is so cute! And I love his name, too!

  4. I used to have a Great Dane and he would always lay down on the little cat bed too! Adorable :)

  5. following you :) love your cute bloggy! and this adorable pup!


  6. Ohhh, Willlllburrrrr - if you are comfortable, I say claim it!