Monday, September 13, 2010

Newest List of Winners! :)

Here is the most recent winners.. Starting with Norman the Gnome.
2 winners of the Norman the Gnome giveaway...
Comment Number 241: Dardew
Winner #2
Comment Number 62- Mattechin
Winners of the VerTerra Giveaway:

Comment Number 88: Tamara B
Comment Number  58: Ohhfire
Comment Number 89: TB
Comment Number 179: Chisum's Crew
Comment Number 109: Tommy Girl
 Winners of the Batter Blaster Giveaway:
Comment Number 12: Elaine
Comment Number 126: Icitea

Comment Number 173- Norma
Comment Number 178: Adrianne
  Around the Table Games Winner:
Comment Number 3: Stephie C

Dishwasher Art Giveaway Winner:
Comment Number 64: Hondaray
Winner of the Angel Eyewear Giveaway.
Comment Number 31: Diane
  Winner of the LIttle Kids Big Bubble Friend Lion:
Comment Number 60: D Calvert
 Winner of the Wine Charms Giveaway:
Comment Number 34: Jbafaith
And I have to take a second to say sorry.
Last time I posted winners I forgot to post the Sock Monkey winners. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the screen shots along with the others, so I do not have them. The winners were Kristin and Carrie C.
I've decided so that nothing happens like this again I will post a winners post every time or every 2 times I draw a winner.
So sorry about this!
Both Sock Monkey Winners were already confirmed and have already received there prizes.

Congrats to all of you and good luck  in future giveaways!
-Amanda T