Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wobble Over Wednesday.. Week 14. A Sort of Explanation..

 Sorry I am late.. I wish I could tell you all whats going on with me right now. I feel like I owe you all an explanation...

 I know I haven't been blogging as often as I used too.. I want to but something in my life is just wrong.. I haven't been feeling great ( I Feel soo much worse today) and I am having huge personal problems with my family and with Aaron. I want to tell you all, but it's something that is just.. too serious.. All I can say is that I am doing my best.. sometimes things get out of hand and crazy.. and thats kind of whats going on with me right now.. I hope you all understand.. I m trying my hardest. If something wasn't seriously wrong I wouldn't be this.. negative.. SO please, bear with me threw all of this.

Here Wobble Over Wednesday for all of you-

Here we go..

Have Fun!!
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  1. Hope things get better for you soon. The linky is closed for the blog hop so I'm unable to participate.

  2. I've joined in, my life has been somewhat chaotic recently too, I hope your alright :)


  3. Hope things will go well with you and yours, Amanda! Thanks for hosting the blog hop anyway:)
    *check out latest blog tips and tricks!!!*

  4. Hope things get better soon. I know what it's like to have life turned upside down. :( Hang in there.
    Thanks for hosting!

  5. Hi there! I am a new follower! Please stop on by! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Amanda, there comes a time where you just have to step back and take care of the most important things- you & your family.
    You'll be fine, and things will work out.
    I hope you feel better and things start looking up soon!

  7. Stopping by from Facebook..found your link on another Fan Page :-) Now following your blog. Feel free to stop by and check out our blog!

    Carrie A Groff

  8. I'm your new follower. :)

    Jessi's Bubble


  9. Take your time to deal with what is going on. Sending postitve thoughts your way!

  10. I am your newest follower, come follow me back if you have a chance


  11. Hello, here we are at hump day. Half of the week is over. Glad to now be following you via gfc. Found you from the blog hop. Hope you can follow back

  12. Hi,

    I hope things get better. Im your newest follower.

  13. Hi Dear Girl,
    I will remember you in my prayers and I really hope things get better for you! You do not owe us an explanation, your personal life should be your own. What you have told us is enough to let us know you care about us and we want you to know you are appreciated for all you do for us, encouraging words, informative blogs, and great giveaways! Take care sweetie and get better soon!

  14. I'm your newest follower! Looking forward to participating in this fun blog hop!

  15. I'm sorry for your pain. I hope things get better soon.
    ~Samantha @ Have Sippy Will Travel-

  16. Hi, I'm a new follower. I'm so sorry that there's pain like this in your life :( I really, really hope that things look up!!

  17. I hope things get better for you soon! Hang in there:)

  18. I want you to know you are appreciated for all you do.
    I hope your alright :)
    Sending PRAYERS your way!

  19. Thanks for hosting this! I'm a new follower from Mom of all Trades!

  20. Hope you feel better really soon, take care of yourself and hang in there!

  21. So sorry to hear you are going through a rouh patch.

    I wanted to let you know that I have passed a blog award on to you! You can see the details here:


    Crazy Cat Lady