Friday, October 15, 2010

The baby rats are 4 days old (a video.) Do you have a rat(s)?

Hi everyone! I made a really short, small video today for all of you just a minute ago..

I made the video so you could all see them move, and so I could answer some of the questions you had.

I hope all of you enjoyed the video. It was the first actual video I'd ever made haha : D

Also, Do any of you have pet rats, or have you had pet rats? If so please send me pictures! I would love to add pictures of my readers rats onto the "The Rats" page

If you do have rats and would like them to be on the "The Rats" page then please email me the pictures you'd like posted to aaron_amanda(at)live(dot)com

I hope some of you have rats :)
Amanda T


  1. They are so adorable. I was wondering do you keep them all or do you give them away?

  2. The only time I ever give the babies away are if I personally know the person, and I know that they will be cared for.

  3. So do you just keep them until they are older? This is extremely interesting to me. Could you email me at ashleysbookshelf[at]gmail[dot]com I have a lot more questions :D Hope that is ok?

  4. I have no idea where my old photos are of my white rat Templeton. I'm sure I have a photo of him terrorizing my dog at the time. This was, like 28 years ago. Gawd, I'm ancient.

  5. Hi there!i found you through boost my blog Friday.I think ratties are the coolest pets!i used to have 40 of them...yep they have lots of babies.I loved my rats.My favorite was my black rat Ebony.She was actually very playful and used to give me lots of ratty love!=)I don't know many other people that like them as pets...just becuse they don't know how sweet & gentle they are...more so than hamsters or gerbils.My rats never bit my kids...hamsters did!Sadly all my rats died long ago and now I have 3 cats so I won't get any more rats for a while.I used to love watching the babies feed!Thanks for sharing your pics!I just found this boost my blog Friday meme & hope to participate next Friday!I am now following you!have a great weekend!

  6. So cute! Thanks for sharing Amanda! :)