Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Check out CSN's 200+ Online Stores!

CSN has the best selection of just about anything. They have a huge selection of kitchen bar stools in one of there stores; All Bar Stools.  I loved the Johnston Casual backless barstool. It's just so modern!

CSN also has the entire set which is so cool! It looks like something you'd only see in a movie, but you can actually purchase the entire set for a low price, with free shipping!
Don't let there amazing selection of Bar stools trick you! Just because they have amazing bar stools, it doesn't mean they don't have other amazing things!
CSN has a huge selection of Cookware, furniture, beds and more!

For all your one stop shopping needs head over to one of the 200+ CSN stores!

Disclosure: I will be receiving a gift certificate for this review.

1 comment:

  1. That is a funky looking set of stools/table! I like it! I usually only like old fashioned look, but these are cool! I just got a cute circus tent for my grand daughter's Christmas present from CSN - free shipping too on that item!