Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here are the baby rats! :D

I told you all  that one of my rats had 7 babies.. sadly 1of the babies died shortly after birth.. The other 6 are doing great.

Look how small they are, hehe. I put them next to a Sharpie marker for size comparison, and I think it looks so cute :)

Here are a few other pictures.

Above are all the babies in my hand, haha, no bigger then my fingers (width.)

This one above is the runt of the litter. I know you probably can't  tell the difference, but when you actually see them you can see the difference :)

Then this one (above) is the chunky baby of the litter. I think he's hogging mamas milk, because he is a little chunky : D.

And now below I am going to attache this one, my favorite. I don't know if you all knew this, but baby rats are so small and fragile that they are actually transparent. So when the babies drink you can actually see the milk in there stomach, so I took a picture of  the tummy, so you can see the milk. I've used paint to point it out with an arrow:

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures. I am going to take some more in about 2-3 days so you can see how fast they grow up. By the next time I can tell you more about them, like if they'll be male or female.

Right now all I can tell you is that 2 of them will be white with red eyes, 2 will be beige/white with red eyes and 2 will have black eyes and be black/white.

Take Care everyone! :)
-Amanda T


  1. Wow- I didn't know you could see the milk in their tummy! Great pic!
    Are they all going to have hair or some hairless?

  2. How adorable!!! Like naked molerats!

    Gosh that milk trick is cute!! Too bad it doesn't work with kittens.

  3. Great photos...I'm looking forward to watching them grow!

  4. They are SO CUTE! And that is really cool you can see the milk inside their tummies. Looking forward to reading updates/seeing more pics!

  5. I had as many as three mice at one time and never had babies, and I only ever had one rat. I was never even sure how to tell whether they were boys or girls. I'm so sorry about the baby that died, and I hope all the others do really well.

    I am curious how you know for sure what color fur they'll have and what color their eyes will be.

  6. Hi :D

    You can tell what color they will be because there skin color willbe different, like the ones that are going to be black/white have black colored skin. Also with the eyes you can tell because if they are black then you can see like little black dots where the eyes are going to be, but if there red then it just looks like little pink bumps :)

  7. so smaaall >,< epi born baby rats!:D
    welcome to Amanda's world hahay!

  8. My sister an I have 5 girl rats and 1 boy we did not bread we rescued the boy and another girl we knew there was a chance she was pregnant but she gave birth a day after we got her while i was at school and she has a litter of 13 and i want too know if you bread your rats for feding and if it would be better to sell it to a pet store than sell it to people you can trust and keep the ones we cant we have 4 dumbos and a rex and dady is a hood
    please help really curios