Saturday, October 23, 2010

If I had an event would you join in? -Share the Love-

I've been seeing everyone start events..
So I've been thinking it over.. And I would love to have an event. The question is.. how many of you would actually join in?

It would be like an exchange.  You would all tell me if you'd like to join in and I would make a spreadsheet of all your names and email addresses. Once the sheet closes (we'd come up with a date) then I will use to partner people up. So lets say I'm number 1 and theres 20 people joined in; So we'd put 1-20 and the number that comes out is say 16 then I send 16 the gift and we do that until everyone has a partner.

There would be a few simple rules.
1. Exchange should be at least worth $10 (can vary slightly)
2.If you sign up you actually need to send out your gift when its time.
3. Keep the exchange gifts clean and appropriate.

And thats all I can think of for rules right now.

The event would be called "Share the Love" because thats what were doing. Maybe you won a giveaway and you've been wanting to gift the prize; well perfect opportunity!

If you are interested please just let me know below. I'd like at least 10 people for this to actually take place but I am a spur of the moment person so even if only 5 people joined I'd still probably do it! : D!

Take Care everyone!

-Amanda T