Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's time for the... Rat Fashion Show!!! + Baby Rat Pictures! Yay! Wooo!

Yay! Let's start the rat fashion show with Carlos in this beautiful Tye Dye Rat Coat!
Then we have Carlos coming out of the Pumpkin Tunnel (The Pumpkin Tunnel is one of the items I won for winning last months Agile Rat Photo Contest!)
 Next we have the famous Harry (Yes, he's the super model in all of my Agile Rat Photo's!) Harry is wearing a one of a kind Amanda T Hand Sewn Rat Coat with his Initial (Yes, I made this one! Hand stitched :) ! )

Next we have Luis in this cute little Tye Dye Party hat-
  Then there Luis again in the party hat. I thought this one was funny because it looks like he's sad in the corner.
Then we have Luis in the Pumpkin Coat (Another of the items I won from The Agile Rat! :) )
Next we have Lil Luis in the Cowboy Hat (Lil Luis is Luis' son)
 Then we have Lil Luis in the Lacy Pumpkin Dress (I know Luis is a boy, but most of my rats are super fat so he fit best : D)

And that concludes the rat fashion show!

But... I have some new pictures of the babies! And good news! I have baby that is going to be hairless!
This is him pictured below

How can I tell? Well all of the babies are starting to get fur. When a rat is going to be hairless the fur grows in a lot slower, and it will never get as thick. Once the hairless baby gets older all of the "little fuzz" he has will fall off and he will be hairless! Also, you can tell by looking at the whiskers (sometimes) a hairless rat will have curly whiskers, but you've gotta watch out because if you have a rex (curly haired rat) then there whiskers will also be curly, thats why I look more at the fur, because the dad of the babies is rex : D

I don't know if you can tell the difference in the picture, but the hairless one is to the far left (look for the less fur, the fur is like a shiny white; Oh and also notice that the hairless one is also the runt.)

Here is a single  baby to show how much they've grown.
and finally.. Here are all the babies.. They barley all fit in my hand anymore!

I hope you all enjoyed the fashion show!

I had lots of fun taking the pictures, even though some of the rats were being naughty and not staying in there clothes lol :)

Take Care Everyone!
-Amanda T


  1. Very neat!
    I like how you can tell one of the babies will be hairless already!
    The outfit you made for Harry is very nice. Soon you will making them all kinds of things- now you have a sewing machine.
    Is Harry going to keep being the model in the contests? Lil Luis is pretty handsome too!

  2. Haha!

    I was thinking about making Big Luis the star in the next contest but we'll see :)!

  3. Loved the fashion show! :) Made me giggle!

  4. I love the tye dye outfit. Too cute my daughter dresses up our shih tzu in outfits. Made her first one that turned out great.

  5. I love seeing all your photos. Luis in his cowboy hat is particularly cute to me, I don't know why. It is really neat to see the babies growing and starting to get their fur in. I would love to have some rats or mice again, but it wouldn't be fair to them to be stared at all day by cats. Now, when I first got mice, I lived somewhere that I couldn't have any pet that wasn't caged. Then we moved, and I got a kitten, but she grew up with the mice, and she used to enjoy watching them but never tried to hurt them. I wouldn't trust the cats I have now not to think of the mice as their new toys. So, I can get my rodent fix through your site, and I love it! (I also visit the small pet section at PetSmart every time we go in, and I always get excited when one or two of them are out running on their wheel.)

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