Saturday, October 16, 2010

One of the biggest stress factors for me right now...

It all started about a year ago...

About a year ago all the trouble started.. My grandpa was up watching TV and all of a sudden his right side felt numb... My grandma rushed him to the hospital and the doctors said he had a mini stroke.

After that incident they told my grandpa he needed to lose about 50lbs so he could have open heart surgery. While they were doing X rays of his chest they found out he had Esophageal Cancer.  So after he lost the weight they had to take care of the cancer before they could work on his heart... So.. The time came, and they had to remove his esophagus and stretch his stomach up 6 inches to make him a new one (I think thats how it went, but it may be a little twisted.) It was a really delicate surgery and it took him a long time to heal.. He had a "hole" in his stomach, and it was really sick looking (I have pictures but I don't want to gross anyone out) Somehow... While this was healing up he developed a hernia.

The hernia started off rather small.. but has grown.. and grown.. and grown. Now it's HUGE! The doctor said he has to lost another like 40lbs, but with this thing getting bigger all the time, he just can't do it.. He isn't supposed to be active, and he's at a stand still.. He just can not lose any more weight. So right now it seems like he's stuck with this hernia, and I'm not sure what the doctor is going to do.. This thing looks like it's going to pop and I just want this to be over with..

Now the worst part.. So, it started off with his heart, and in the process all this came out of it (Thank God though, because if the mini stroke wouldn't have happened then they never would have found the cancer, which is very deadly.) The hardest thing to think about though is that grandpa still hasn't had his heart surgery.. So the worst is yet to come..

I just wanted to let you all see some of the stress I and my family are under.. We go to Tampa this coming Friday to see what the doctor is going to do about the hernia. So hopefully everything turns out ok, and we can get this gone and over with!

Take Care Everyone!
-Amanda T


  1. So Sorry Amanda, Prayers & Hugs!

  2. Amanda, girl you're very strong, with all of this going on. I am sending prayers and thoughts to you and your family. I'm not sue if this would be ideal for your grandfather, but as long as his kidneys are okay, it could be. What about the Atkins diet? I lost 11 pounds just in one week from it. Some people don't think it's safe but me and my family have used it, and as long a you follow it properly it can be safe and something you may want to look into. It's ideal for those who need to lose weight but can't move to exercise. it is a high fat diet though, so with your grandpa's heart problem, I'm not sure if it would be ideal. I wish it was though, because I really think it could help him lose the weight and get his surgery. If you want any info please feel free to contact me.


  3. Thank goodness they caught his cancer! Sometimes during other procedures they find things like that, and it's good they did.

    I am praying they do find the right kind of diet/exercise for him... be very very very careful and have him follow Dr orders about what he should and shouldnt do. Not to get into an Atkins debate, but diets for a 20ish/30ish and a 70ish are alot different- especially when you factor in meds and medical history.

    I hope things settle down a bit for you and your Grandpa gets better soon!

  4. My prayers and thoughts for you all, dear girl! I agree with tannawings about the dieting. Any diet that has you omitting entire food groups cannot be good for you. Moderation in all areas is best, but his doctor will know what is best for him according to his health needs, medication, etc. Hugs to you!

  5. Have you considered some simple cardio? Maybe look into exercise for people in wheel chairs....

  6. I am praying for your family and will ask for a prayer request for yall at Church. I can't imagine what you are going through.

  7. thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  8. My father had esophageal cancer back In 95. He had an experimental surgery where they cut out the cancer and replaced it with a piece of his colon. Luckily it worked and he is ok for the most part. His esophagus closes up with scar tissue every so often and he has to get it stretched back open about once every other year. I can't imagine having a hernia like your grandpa. I hope everything works out with the dr in Tampa. I will be thinking of your family

  9. Geez, Amanda. So sorry to hear. So often this is how it goes with health problems; just one thing after another. Tell your Grampa he's not alone and try to find something to be thankful about every day (and you too, of course). Adding my name to the list of those praying for you & your family.

  10. I wish the best for you and your family. My mom recently passed away from cancer it was very fast and unexpected. I am still in disbelief as I write this. I am praying for you as well!!

  11. Oh, I am so sorry!!
    I wish there was something we could do!!
    I hope things get better!
    *fingers crossed*

  12. OMG, who is his healthcare provider and where do you live? This is so rediculous and I am so sorry for him and your family. I can only imagine the stress and sure hope things get better for all.

  13. So sorry to hear that. My prayers go with you and your family.


  14. Came across your blog on Twitter. I can't understand why they won't repair his hernia? I understand he needed to lose weight to have his heart surgery, but why not repair the hernia? Good luck. I'm sorry his health isn't 100%, hoping he gets well soon.