Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review: Bryton Pick

Bryton Pick; The first string free flosser.

Thanks to I received the Bryton Pick to try.

So, when I first opened the Bryton Pick I was a little worried. It seemed and sounded like a great idea but I was just nervous about sticking this thin piece of metal between my teeth.

I was so surprised though when I actually used it! So I figured; this is metal, I need to be careful because with my luck I'll probably cut my gums or something. Well nope! The Bryton Pick was so easy to use! I was amazed that even though the pick is made with stainless steel it is as thin as a piece of floss. Flossing with the Bryton Pick was so easy! The pick slid right in my teeth and cleaned just as good, if not better then  regular floss.

Another great thing about the Bryton Pick is that it is reusable for up to 30 days.The pick is made with germ resistant stainless steel; so after each use just wipe clean with a napkin or water.Then you place back in the little plastic carry pouch! It's really innovative and much faster then normal flossing. If you care about your teeth and gums but are always in a rush then look into getting the Bryton Pick!

The Bryton Pick is available at many major retailers such as Meijer's,, Amazon, Rite Aid and many others!

Disclosure: Review Product was provided to me thanks to All opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in  anyway.

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