Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Constructive Eating

This has got to be one of the best inventions. My cousin Zach is soo picky and he never wants anything to do with his food. So when I saw the Constructive Eating set I knew my Aunt Becky needed it for Zach.

So when the Constructive Eating set arrived I called my Aunt Becky so that she and Zach could come over when they got the chance. They ended up coming over the next day for dinner. For dinner that night we had a normal dinnerware set up except at the end of the table we have the Constructive Eating plate set. Becky and Zach came in and we all just talked for a little bit until dinner was ready. As soon as everyone started walking to the table Zach noticed the bright orange plate and sat down right in front of it.

So Becky loaded up his plate with peas, carrots, a small piece of chicken breast and a dinner roll. I have to say, before the other night I had never seen Zach eat peas or carrots. What he was going was playing with the peas and carrots and acting like they were little fish, occasionally  The Chicken Breast or the Roll (Both Sharks) would "swallow" a pea or carrot, and Zach would scarf them down and "kill" them. It was fun watching him scoop up the "fish" and I am really glad we finallly found a solution to get Zach to eat his Veggies, Yay!
Becky took the Constructive Eating set home, and let me tell you, she was excited. No more forcing Zach to eat his veggies! : D!

Overall I was pretty impressed. I didn't think the Constructive Eating would really work; but it did!

What makes Constructive Eating unique is the bulldozer pusher, fork lift fork, and front loader spoon. Now eating can be fun and constructive! :)

Disclosure: Review product was provided to me free of charge. All opinions expressed are my own, and were not influenced in any way.


  1. I want to get one of these for my son! It is adorable!!!

    I am a new follower from the tuesday blog hop and would love it if you'd follow me back :)

  2. Very cute- really like the 'pusher' :)

  3. Oh that is so cute! My grandson would love it!