Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review: Little Kids Inc. Toys.

Little Kids Inc has some of the most fun bubble toys! I received a large assortment and my cousin loved them all!

My cousin Ava came over about a week ago and we had so much fun! Ava is only 4 but let me tell you, she is a handful! I love spending time with my little cousin but she is so hard to watch because she can't stay occupied. She'll play with one toy for 30 minutes tops and then shes got to have a new toy; So I was super excited to have my huge assortment of Little Kids Toys.

When she first got here I only had one toy out so that way she  wouldn't want to play with all of them at once. So we started out playing with the Bubble Doood. She thought the face was funny enough so she actually played with the little guy for a short time. Once she got bored of it I actually showed her that the Bubble Doood was also bubbles. The Bubble Doood kept her entertained for a while because he has so much going on! He blew his bubbles and the bubble wand was actually his head and hair. She had fun playing with him and chasing me around with him.

Next we played with the No Spill Mini Bubble Bucket.
Ava was swining the Mini Bubble Bucket around everywhere! I think she may have had more fun swining the bucket then anything else lol. Whats great about the Mini Bubble Bucket is that 1, its No Spill (yay! No mess!) and 2, it's got 3 Bubble Wands. It's always great when there are several wands so you don't have to hear the kids yell. And another great thing is that Ava got 2 wands! She was so happy blowing them right after each other, it was like twice the bubbles!
Next we played with the Jelly Belly  Bubbles!
Personally I thought these were so cute! I love the little Jelly bean shape and I loved that they had a little clip on them. So if I were a mother and I had a rodwy bunch of kids in my car I could just pull the bubbles right off of my keychain and voila! Problem Solved! Ava seemed more interested in just throwing the Jelly Bean until I grabbed it and she realized they had a scent! After she'd blow a bubble she'd try to catch it in her mouth; it was too adorable! (don't worry! Little Kids Bubbles are non toxic! :)! )

Next was the Nickelodeon Adventure Wand.
I think the Nickelodeon Adventure wands are a great idea! The idea is that you can go on an adventure with your favorite characters. Each character has 3 different shapes that are recognizable from the show. So you can go on an adventure in your own backyard! However Ava didn't see it that way. She thought that with each different shape the bubbles would come out in the shape of the wand; She didn't want anything to do with the adventure wand.

Next was the Original No-Spill Bubble Tumbler
Ava had fun playing with this like any other bubble toy. She blew lots of bubbles and she didnt make a mess and get all sticky! :). Everytime Ava made a mess with any of the bubbles I would have to clean it up, so I was really happy to see her play with one of the No Spill toys! With no mess, how could you say no?

Next was the Nickelodeon Big Bubble Wand.

At first Ava was kindof dissapointed because she wanted the bubbles to be in the shape of the wand. I tried to explain it to her and in the process I blew a bubble. That changed everything! Once Ava saw how big the bubble was she wanted to try! We were having a bubble blowing contest to see who could get the biggest bubble and she had so much fun screaming at me that she was the winner lol! Ava loved blowing these giant bubbles, and I think I'd have to say this was her favorite toy of the night.

Then we played with the Nickelodeon Bubble Vehicle.
I love when toys are like 2 in 1! You can have twice as much fun! This is a car and it blows bubbles so it is very entertaining! Ava played with it for a long time! She also played with the Doood too and she was nothing but giggle the whole time! It made me happy seeing her have so much fun :)

And I saved the best for last; the Bubble Light

 The Bubble Light was awesome! You press the  button and tons of bubbles shoot out! Also this is a light so it looks like the bubbles light up, it's really neat!
The holiday season is coming up and if you are looking for great gifts for your little one then I really recommend looking into the Little Kids toys! They have lots of different toys that any little kid would love!

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Disclosure: Review Products were provided to me free of charge. All opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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