Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review: Yantra Way; The Yantra Mat

The Yantra Way: Your piece of mind is not a luxury.

When I first received The Yantra Mat I was a little surpirsed. The Yantra Mat has these little acupressure discs. I was surprise because to the touch the little "discs" actually hurt, so I was a little skeptical to lay on it.

So of course before I used it I had to visit the website to find out exactly how I should use the mat.
Heres what I found out:

First off, the Yantra Mat has a lot of health benefits; Like, It helps you keep calm when your stressed out, It helps with headaches, Muscle tension, fatigue, back and neck pain and it also helps you sleep better.

My favorite part about the Yantra Mat is that you don't need any experience with anything. All you have to do is lie down, and the mat does the rest.

What surprised me the most was that even though the discs were uncomfortable to the touch of the hand, they were uncomfortable to any other part of the body. Thats because the Yantra Mat has 8,820 acupressure points. With that many points your body relaxes and improves circulation.

I have thought about acupressure several times, but I didn't know how you could get it. So, when I received the Yantra Mat I was pretty excited. I have a pretty stressful life (which reminds me, I have a post I want to share with all of you either tonight or tomorrow) and what the Yantra Mat's acupressure discs can do is release endorphins and oxytocin, which helps bring out "happiness hormones."

I had a great time using the Yanta Mat, and once I'd used it I felt relaxed and calm. If your life is as stressful as mine, then I really recommend getting a Yantra Mat for yourself.

Disclosure: Review Product was provided to me free of charge. All opinions expressed are mine, and were not influenced in anyway.

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  1. I have started seeing reviews of these popping up, I have always wanted to try acupressure!