Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What do you think about this article? "Should "Fatties" Get a Room?"

So I first learned about this article from a fellow blogger..

This article was recently published in the Marie Claire magazine.

No, I am not huge. Am I a little overweight? Yeah, most people are.
I may not be morbidly obese but I was still very offended by the article.
I struggle with my weight and so does my entire family.

Honestly, I have NO idea what this writer was thinking. I have never read such a demeaning article before in my life. Here are some of the worst quotes from the article-
In reference to the picture above, the author said:
"Hmm, being overweight is one thing — those people are downright obese!"

Another that I found really offending:
"So anyway, yes, I think I'd be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other ..."

Oh! And I was just going over the article and this one has got to be the worst:
 "I find it aesthetically displeasing to watch a very, very fat person simply walk across a room"

I just don't understand. Seeing 2 obese people kiss is no different then seeing anyone else kiss; They are human beings just like everyone else.

I want to know what the point of the article was. It seems the point was to simply offend all obese or overweight people.

Oh, and just incase your wondering the author of the article is Maura Kelly.

I am not a Marie Claire subscriber but occasionally if I liked the cover story I would purchase a copy. Sorry Marie Claire, but I will not be purchasing a copy any time soon. I don't want to support a company that thinks it's ok to attack certain groups of people.

These are just my opinions, but I'd love to hear yours..

You can read the entire article.. Here

Please share your feelings below.

-Amanda T


  1. I don't read Marie Claire so I hadn't seen this. Yes, the people in the picture do look obese. Still...the comments are not acceptable and it's disappointing that the magazine would publish this. Regardless of someone's personal opinion, the comments are rude. I hadn't read Marie Claire for years b/c of some of their bad articles.

    And hey - "most" people are not a little overweight :)

  2. I haven't read the article but what you shared thus far well that's just horrid!

  3. I read the article...I'm overweight, and the article is horrible!

    I also read something on someone else blog that said that this lady writing this was (or still is) anorexic! She knows how it feels to feel bad about yourself and now she is making other people feel bad for themselves! How can someone even write the hurtful things that she did!

    I'm amazed that Marie Claire actually printed this!

    Then the lady went back and apologized for hurting people's feelings!! Really?!?! Maybe she should of thought about that first because she went and posted this rude and hurtful article! It's just like an obese person writing an article about and anorexic couple kissing on TV..

  4. I can't believe that this article was aloud to even be published in a well known magazine. It made me sick to read it. I am a large and very proud woman. Who just happens to be very very healthy. And reading his apology was like having to run for the toilet again. It was BULL#*&%. Sorry for my language. But being "fat", "skinny", "short", "tall", "old", "young", "male or female", no one person is perfect. Just how boring would this world be if everyone was the same. I really hope this person truely honestly learns from his mistakes.

  5. I don't want to read the article, just the snippets you quoted were enough! Sure, they are obese, but where does it say only perfect people can fall in love and kiss? None of us are perfect, so we would all be banned! I do not particularly like to watch anyone "making out" or whatever they want to call it. But it does not have to do with their size or any other physical factor, I just think that is a private matter and should be kept that way.
    Marie Claire should be ashamed for allowing discrimination in any form, but that is particularly hurtful for young women (or men) struggling with their identities and trying to be accepted in society regardless of personal appearance. There is entirely too much emphasis put on size.
    And from all the articles I have read the last few years, most people are a little overweight. Reasons for losing weight should be health issues, not criticism from magazine writers or cruel peers (of any age).

  6. I love Mike and Molly and the only thing I am offended by besides this author that most likely has Mommy issues from childhood is that the show is only on a half hour!

  7. I commented on this article elsewhere too...

    The sad part is so many young people buy Marie Claire and shape opinions by what they print.

    The lady who wrote the article needs to take a good long hard look at herself.

  8. I can't believe that in this day and age an editor let this article through to be printed! I personally do not care for watching ANYONE make out but singling out obese people is just wrong! And I actually agree that most people probably are considered overweight. They may not 'really' be obese, but when you go by whatever scale they use it turns out that way.

  9. I totally agree with you! I was shocked and upset when I saw that the published the article!

  10. Wow, I don't know what was worse, her article or her apology. The apology seemed like something she was told to do, I didn't feel that she was really apologizing. What a mess she's made for her magazine and shame on them for running the article!

  11. I found the whole thing deplorable!
    Her apology was trite...and hollow...and meaningless.
    This woman is writing a novel, and will eventually try to get it published. She obviously hasn't thought the whole thing out!
    I'm equally as outraged with the editors and publisher of Marie Claire magazine, who allowed this drivel to get published. They are taking no responsibility for it at all.
    I've canceled my subscription...and my daughter and her friends have, as well.

  12. I read the article and was disgusted by it. I can't believe they actually published it. I'm not overweight myself but I do have a very good friend who is. She has a thyroid problem which makes her weight fluctuate so to say that "obesity is something that most people have a ton of control over. It's something they can change, if only they put their minds to it" just comes to show how in this day and age people are still so ignorant to some problems. I don't think her apology was sincere I think it was more that she had to say something because of all the comments the article received. The should issue a full page apology on their magazine about this article.

  13. This is really offensive! I think Marie Claire will get a lot of heat for this. Shame on them! I thought they were classier than that :(.

  14. I have not read the article, and I'm not inclined to give the Marie Claire site any more traffic than it's probably already getting because of this article.

    The editor, and possibly the publisher, approved the magazine going out with that article in it; in my opinion, they are more at fault than the writer, because anyone can write anything they want and put it on their personal blog or some other website, but to pay this woman and give her a national forum for her ridiculous ideas is unconscionable.

    I'm sure if you did a word-replacement for the article, substituting the word fat with black, Asian, Mexican or gay, the editorial staff of Marie Claire would have tossed it in the trash instead of printing it.

    I don't know if the editor read it as satire or thought it would be funny. Maybe the staff is so out of touch with the real world that they couldn't see how hurtful it would be to people with a weight problem. Or perhaps they published it knowing that it would create a huge backlash and generate a lot of interest in the magazine -- even if it is the wrong kind of interest. You know the old saying, "Any publicity is good publicity." It will be interesting to see where the magazine is in a year -- still in print or out of business.