Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wobble Over Wednesday! Week 15!

Yay! So I am really feeling refreshed. After taking some time off of here I realized that it was just too much work, at work. So I've talked to my manager and she is going to give me a little break! Next week I am getting 4 days off in a row! Wow!

So unless anything else happens I should be back to what I was before, which was at least 1 post a day! yay! I have to say, I've really missed emailing and commenting back and forth with all of you! :)

So here is this week's Wobble Over Wednesday. I have another early day at work tomorrow, (8am) so I am going to hop in bed early again, so WOW is being posted a little early.. again lol.

Here we go..
Have Fun!!

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And.... GO!

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