Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yay! Pumpkins/Pumpkin Carving!

Today me and Aaron went out and picked 2 beautiful pumpkins, we've spent the last hour and a half gutting them and I had to share! :)!
Aren't they adorable!? Aaron did a traditional pumpkin face, while I opted for... a rat lol!
We had so much fun with the pumpkins. It was great quality time and it was something that we had never done together, so it just made it that much more special :).

At first my rat pumpkin had eyes. I worked sooo carefully to make them, and I had finally finished. They looked amazing.. Then I turned to get my scraper and wham I hit my pumpkin and off flew 1 eye ball, so I took the other off, and now I was left with just the shape D:! But I still think it turned out cute ! :)

I think we will do more closer to Halloween, and I'll be sure to share! Can't wait for the pumpkin seeds to dry! Yummy! : D!

Take Care!
-Amanda T


  1. I like both of em, & even without the eyes, it still looks like a rat- too cute!

  2. so sweet :) work toogether, spent time for lookable this things:D want try like this too with my sista:p
    in Indonesia just few of us celebrate like Halloween party..(i mean make a handmade from pumpkin) pumpkin just for our drinkfood here lol COOL for both u;)

  3. So funny! Especially hearing how your rattie lost its eyes! Cute!