Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Here are the "baby" rats

Ok, so they don't really look like babies anymore huh? Well maybe a little :)

So, yeah, they've gotten a lot bigger  (and cuter!) I hope you enjoy these. I couldn't get pictures if all of them together because since there bigger now they have more energy and it's just impossible to contain them lol.

So heres what I got.. Hope you enjoy..
Thats it! Hope you enjoyed! I am going to try and enjoy my birthday night while I'm still at home.

Take Care everyone.

-Amanda T


  1. Such little cuties! Thanks for sharing them. Hope you had a fabulous birthday!

  2. Boy, that hairless one stayed super hairless! It looks like it will be super hairless like your Harry was or Nakey. Are they related?

    Hey aren't there some marked like siamese? Dark ears, legs and mask like?

    Love these guys (and gals!)

  3. they're getting bigger...Happy birthday Amanda!(",)

  4. My girls love looking at the pictures of your rats, they ask me all the time to look at more so keep posting them! :)

  5. Wow, those are the babies? They are getting big.

  6. Your baby rats are adorable. I like the very first picture of him (or her?) eating what looks like a corn kernel.

  7. The baby's are so cute I really like the hairless ones I always have found them the cutest!
    Hope you had a great birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  8. I love looking at pics of your babies and I read your posts from the emails. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  9. I read all of your posts since i started reading your emails. I think it's nice that you talk about your family and your life. I hope you don't stop!
    Thanks for your giveaways too,i just started entering recently because i couldn't leave comments on comment boxes like yours for so long. Finally figured that out..Yay:)
    Happy Birthday!
    Hope your grandpa feels better soon!

  10. oh i forgot..cute babies,love the pics!
    Are you planning on keeping them?

  11. Wow! The babies are super cute! Hope you Grandpa got clear for surgery and all goes well. You and the family are in my thoughts and prayers.