Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm Home! Whats going on. Giveaway Extensions.

So let me start..
My Life With Rats and More

By saying, these last few days without power have been, hands down, some of the worst days ever. I am super happy to let you all know that the power is back, along with my grandpa

Grandpa came home and he's been really sore, but he seems to be healing up really nicely! Unless something happens with his chest Xray (if something comes back, and it's bad) then we should be in the clear! Finally this nightmare might be over! I am just continuing to pray for him, and hopefully this is all to an end. I have faith that it is over!

Right now all there is to say is that grandpa is home safe, hernia free, and I will keep you all updated. Once the stitches are gone I will be sure to take pictures of grandpa so you can all see what he looks like without that huge monster on him lol :)

I hope none of you get upset about this; But everyday I Tweet and promote my giveaways to help bring extra spotlight to the companies I am working with and the giveaways they are sponsoring. Since I have been away, I feel it is only right for me to extend the giveaways. So, the Kritter Kondo, Alternavites, Kooky Pens and the Friendship Stone giveaway are all being extended until November 22nd, 2010 at 11:59 pm. All other giveaways will end on there allotted times (I'll just have to do like super promotion! :P )

I have a TON of catching up to do. It's so hard to believe that such little time can put you so far behind. I have over 1,000 emails I need to read/delete, giveaways/reviews to write up and post, and winners to draw. I will post winners from iLean all the way to Leakey Photography on the 22nd.  And I will do my best to answer any emails right away. Just give me a little time to get things caught up, and then hopefully things will be all better really soon! :)

Thank you all, so much, for being so patient and understand through all of this. It means so much to me.

For now, take care!

-Amanda T


  1. Glad to hear your Grandpa is back!!!

    Family comes first- lotsa times things get extended.

    Happy you are back too!

  2. Hope your rats were all ok without power.

  3. Glad to hear that your grandpa is home and that he is healing. I hope the chest x-ray comes back okay.
    No worries about the extension...families come first!

  4. I understand your relief that your grandpa is home and healing..woo hoo!
    Looking forward to more pics. :)
    Happy Weekend Amanda !

  5. I'm so glad your grandpa is back!
    I hope everything goes well and don't worry about the blog, you need to focus on him now! :)

  6. I'm so glad your grandpa is back!
    I hope everything goes well and don't worry about the blog, you need to focus on him now! :)

  7. That is great your Grandpa is back and you have power again. Sending you wishes for good health and happiness for you and all your family.

  8. Yay!!!! I hope things are all just better from now on!

  9. So happy to hear about your grandfather...been thinking of you. Sorry about the last cpl of days but look forward!