Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Latest Winners!

Yay! (I am also happy because today my grandpa got his stitches out, and the doctor said it's looking good, yay! :)! )
Congarts to the most recent winners!
Winner of the Piczzle Puzzle Giveaway
Comment Number 29: Dardew
Winner of the Twenty Second Street Giveaway:
Comment Number 122: Angie
Winners of the iLean:
Comment Number 339: Jenny

Comment Number 204: Tiffany D.

Winner of the Kritter Kondo Giveaway:
Comment Number 599: Angie Summers

Winner of the Alternavite giveaway:
Comment Number 27: Jillyrh

Winner of the Kooky Pens giveaway:
Comment Number 55: Lyudmila

Winner of the Friendship Stone giveaway:
Comment Number 31: Tannawings

Congrats to all the winners! Good Luck in future giveaways! :)
-Amanda T


  1. Newest follower from Wobble Over!

    How on earth do you add the number generator to your post? I consider myself very html savvy but this one stumps me, lol. I know you go to random.org and copy the code but, when do you put it in your post and how do you announce the winner????

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. That is such great news about your Grandfather. I hope his recovery continues to go well.

  3. Thanks Amanda for answering that question. I too had thought of taking a screen shot and cropping it, lol. Guess that's what I'll do. Have a great day tomorrow!