Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Agile Rat Photo Contest picture sometime today..Pic to vote for. Read for Rules!!

So theres a new contest.
Heres the new picture:

So, this is the new picture.
I know it's not the best, but I think it's cute. In the picture is Lil Luis and.. Well, I'm sure you all recognize the baby. Thats the hairless baby that I had a while ago! I've officially named her Lana.

So the new pictures will be up to vote sometime today. After the new pictures are up, we'll also find out the winner. I think I fell behind 1%, but thats ok, because the girl with the Peach Fuzz rat, did have a really cute rat too! :D

Don't forget, after you vote you have to copy the link at the top into your comment. I made a post about this yesterday. So you've all had a fair chance to see, since you got my emails. If you do not copy and paste the link into your comment then your comment WILL BE DELETED.

Click HERE to vote. (Again, the new picture will not be up until a little later)

Thanks in advance everyone!

Take Care!
-Amanda T


  1. Very cute pic - it isn't up yet so had to peek.

    Lana- thats a good name!

  2. that has got to be a winning photo it is too cute

  3. I'm loving this picture. It's adorable!

  4. I think Lana is a very pretty name for your "baby". I have enjoyed the photos capturing the babies growth!

  5. Very cute! I went and voted (not for entries or anything, just to vote lol) for them and you seem to be in the lead with 27% of the votes! :) Good Luck!

  6. tooo cute!! lol pls let me know where to vote!! Theyre adoable!! @alongcamemary1 Mary :0)

  7. Awwww,great pic! I always loved Lana as a name!
    What..do you have a mini tub?!?

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  10. What cute naked babies. You should join the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop each weekend.