Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review: One Bath and Body.

For my review from One Bath and Body I received 2 amazing products.

I received the One All Natural Exfoliating Bath and Body Sponge and the Calming Lotion Massage Bar.

I really, do not think I could pick a favorite, both were simply, amazing!

I used the Calming Lotion Massage Bar as soon as I received it.
What I love about the lotion massage bar, is that when it touchs you skin, it just melts onto you. As soon as it hits the warmth, it's just like butter. Even though the container looks like a cardboard tub, it is actually an aluminum tin. When you apply to lotion onto your skin, the lotion actual makes you skin tingle, and it gives you such a relaxing feeling over your body. I gave Aaron one massage, and let me say, it was a mistake. Now every he asks me for a massage, haha.

The One Bath and Body All Natural Exfoliating Bath Sponge is also really amazing!
The first time I used it I was so impresses! The bristles were rough enough that after the first use I feel completely clean and refreshed. The bristles in the bath sponge got deep down into my pores. I haven't felt this clean in a long time. My entire body felt completely refreshed!
One Bath and Body actually has 5 different sponges available. Each look amazing, and make wonderful gifts for anyone in the family!
  Besides the sponges, and lotion bars, One Bath and Body also have some other amazing bath/beauty products that I really recommend checking into. Some of my other favorite One Bath and Body products are the..
Natural Soap Bars: 
 and the Fizzy Bath Salt

I you are looking for a great gift to help that special someone in your life relax a little then I really recommend One Bath and Body.

One Bath and Body is part of my 2010 holiday gift guide.

Disclosure: Review product was provided to me free of charge. All opinions expressed are my own, and were not inluenced in anyway.

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  1. Nice review, sounds great!
    I like the Solid Shampoo Bar which equals three 8oz Bottles of liquid shampoo.
    I also enjoyed reading their philosophy and their use of cardboard cartons and tins.
    Thanks :)