Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thats it. I am officially overwhelmed.

So.. I seriously can't do this.

As you all know, I suffer from several forms of anxiety and depression. I have been diagnosed with Bi Polar 2 disorder, and I suffer from MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). With a mixture of all that and the stress in my life, I am officially losing it.

I've been blogging for about 9-10 months now. It's been great. However, I've been taken advantage of, and I think things may have to come to an end.

Do I want to quit blogging? No way. I love my blog, and I love talking to MOST of you threw email and such. However, some how, my blog seems to be the biggest stress factor in my life right now. I just go through the hardest time in my life. I guess some of you thought it would be the perfect time to take advantage of me and the situation. However, I have a few amazing bloggers friends that really care about me, and were helping look after things for me.

Now I have to moderate comments, and that has officially ended any hope I had of ever getting caught up, and getting things back on track. Normally, I wake up and I have about 6 new pages of emails that I have to go through ( That was too much already, but I managed). Guess what? Today I wake up and I have over 18 new pages of email. So, thats it. For the time being, I am done. I couldn't handle the emails I was already getting; I couldn't keep up, and now there is no way I'll be able to. The giveaways that are posted will continue and they will end on the allotted times.

If you have any suggestions, about how to handle this, and get things back on track, then please let me know. But if I continue to get over 18 NEW pages of email everyday then there is no way I can do it. I'm sorry to everyone. I know I've probably let a lot of you down. I really was trying to do a good thing. However, now I am crying my eyes out, and I don't feel like I should have to endure this.

To the cheaters: You've helped ruin a good thing. I hope you are happy. And (you all know who you are) I am still hoping for an apology. However, I am assuming you won't give one, and I am ok with that. Whatever.

If you've sent me an email, I am sorry; It will probably take me several hours to even find it.

Hopefully things will change. But between working 6 days a week, dealing with my family, and this, I just can't do it right now.

Like I said, hopefully things can go back at some point, but for now, who knows.

Take Care everyone, and have a happy happy holiday season.

-Amanda T


  1. I understand being overwhelmed. Check this series out that Money Saving Mom did! It helped me a great deal with time management and making the blog run more effectively. Praying for you.

  2. Amanda,

    I've enjoyed your blog and do what is best for you.


  3. Maybe having less contests will help. You could have a contest only when you feel up to it and have the time. Hope that helps and I'm sorry everything has become so overwhelming especially with the added problem of rule breakers. I hope things start to look up soon! Happy Holidays!

  4. Wow that sucks. I hope things get better and you are able to somehow manage everything. I wish all the mail could filter for you and you can slowly get through what you really need to read.

    Good Luck
    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  5. Amanda-I also have bi-polar,depression,anxiety so I can enter into how you are/have felt with this....I am sooo sorry that life is so rough and stressful right now for you-and I sincerely meant it...Just hang in there-here's a big hug from someone who cares...

  6. I am so very sorry you have to go through all this. Just my thoughts on this, breathe, take a step back from the blog for several weeks and concentrate on you and your family as well as your health. Those things are far and above way more important than a blog or a contest.

    Seriously, just stop the giveaways now, essentially ending them early or just wipe the entries clean and restart at another time. Make the entry system very simple, one entry a person a day for doing something like a tweet or a vote or whatever you choose but just do one thing.

    By the way, all your REAL followers, new and old, will still be voting and tweeting for Luis...trust me, we will. He is such a cutie.

    Remember, just breathe. Take it one day at a time. Just step away from the blog and spend face time with the family and alone time with yourself (and Luis).


  7. I know you like to have a bunch of ways for people to win, but cut it way down. I don't do many with my giveaways and it seems to be a good idea. Because sometimes people don't have the time to do the entries and sometimes other people have the time to do them all...It just makes it evened out with how many entries everyone gets....

  8. I totally get being overwhelmed and I only have Bipolar of that laundry list of stuff you suffer from. Take care of yourself and don't worry about anyone else right now. I hope things level out for you quickly.

  9. i have often wondered how you managed it already , you can only do what you can do, and yes cheaters and such do ruin it for everyone, i think the big prizes (which are great by the way,) brought alot of people here and some not so on the up and up, i hope it all works out for you and i know what being overwhelmed is about , just hang in there , just do what you can and the rest can wait

  10. Awe I'm sorry that people were taking advantage of you Amanda :(

    Maybe to make it a bit easier for your giveaways you could use google forms so that you wouldn't get all those comment emails.

    I hope that things get better for you. And I'll cross my fingers that you get your apologies.

    Ambur :)

  11. Amanda, I have been with ya since the beginning of your blog (nearly) and since I found it (and you) have always come back. I love your fresh perspective, your humor, your rats, and all you do.
    Step back for a bit- you are running yourself ragged. Working, life, Grandpa sick, a boyfriend, giveaways day after day after day on your blog.
    Take some time off!

  12. These past few weeks I had a hunch that something was wrong. You really do have a great blog, but the important thing is your happiness and well being. God bless and I hope this holiday season is a peaceful and rejuvenating one for you. Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  13. Sounds like you need some time to relax! Take care of yourself before you worry about your blog :)

    I've been overwhelmed myself. I'm still accepting new reviews/giveaways but I've stopped pitching companies myself until I get caught up. I'll have less for my readers to win, but when I get overwhelmed I tend to disappear for a week or so and that is probably worse.

    If it makes it easier, maybe forget about moderating comments? When you draw the winners, double check their entries only instead of checking every one that enters. If they broke the rules somehow, draw a new winner. This is what I do, usually for people who say they have email subscribed and I can see in Feed Burner that they haven't.

  14. I think balancing a blog is really hard, we have been on for 8 months and love our main blog and now have some great giveaways. I have felt really bad though many times when I post something personal, sometimes just chatting or whatever or a rant or even recently something tragic and I got about 2 comments or less on each. It makes me feel bad because I realize that our blog is only good to people as a way to win and no one is really connecting with us or caring about anything that has to do with our lives.
    After all the work we put into it its a letdown and I considered letting it go, BUT the thing is we love the blog and if we were to let it go like that we would be the only ones affected, everyone else will move on. SO why should we? Now we just know who really is who and we will not get so attached or affected. And still work hard and do what we have to do for us.
    You need to do the same... but don't let a few people ruin your joy. If you need to step back for some time do it... and come back when ready. This blog is great and it's not because of the giveaways.... :)))


  15. I personally would only check the entries of the person who wins. It doesn't really matter whether people who don't win really did what they said they did! And cut back on the ways that people can enter. That keeps it much simpler.

    I hope that things settle down for you and you can find some peace, whether or not you keep the blog or continue it. Take care!

  16. that is so crappy. well, i hope you are able to catch up and move past this. i enjoy your blog and i know a lot of other people do as well. wishing you the best of luck!

  17. I love your blog Amanda, and I'm sorry that some people tried to take advantage of your generosity. YOU need to come first though, so if you don't feel that the blog can go on in this way, then you should do what is best and easier for you. Sending you lots of good thoughts and hope that all will be okay!


    If you ever need to talk, feel free to email me. I have a sister your age, and I'm 27. I also had a best friend who had Bipolar, and I have other friends that have it also. I also study psychology and I have OCD. So feel free to reach out.
    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  18. You do what you need to do honey. Those of us who read your blog will be here no matter what. I liked the idea of stopping the contests right now and starting fresh later on - with fewer entry options. That will bring you a lot let stress, I'm sure of it.


  19. I just recently found your blog, but I love it! I used to have 2 rats, so that part is awesome, not to mention all the giveaways! I'm with the other people, though, lower the different ways to enter your giveaways, hell I was getting a headache looking through the extra ways to enter, and all I was doing was reading it! I couldn't imagine being the moderator! Good luck & I hope things get better!

  20. I really dislike that fact that people try and take advantage of you when you are just being so nice to everyone. I love your blog, but I actually hardly enter any giveaways, although I do usually read about the product. I just like seeing your rats and hearing what you have to say. I say take that step back for your self, your health and mind are very important. Those loyal readers will stay with you no matter what! I also have depression and anxiety and so does my husband. It makes life very difficult sometimes.

  21. I'm sorry things are so difficult for you right now. I hate that cheaters ruin it for everyone else.
    I use less entries for my contests and it makes things easier, but I also only confirm entries of the winners. I'm not going to go through every single one and make sure they really did what they said. But if I just check the winners and make sure they did everything they said they did then it really lightens up the load.
    I hope things get better for you. I know all about being overwhelmed!

  22. I'm so sorry to hear you're going through such a rough time. It's so unfortunate that people have to cheat.

    Your health and happiness are first and foremost so please do whatever you need to to take care of you.

    I like the suggestions of reduced entries and Google forms instead of comments. I can speak from personal experience that the giveaway blogs with Google form entry are at the top of my list since they're so much easier to enter and the pages load way faster. I think it's a win-win for both the host and entrant.

    On a personal note, I can empathize with your health struggles as I also deal with several mental health challenges. I know that stress is the last thing you need as it exacerbates everything else you deal with, so please please please take care of yourself. Your most valuable raders will understand and will absolutely keep voting for your photos, commenting on your non-giveaway posts and being supportive even if you have to step away from giveaways.

    Peace and hugs, Amanda. I wish you all the best.


  23. I am sorry to hear things are so rough.
    You need to do what is best for you & not worry about everyone else. When things are better, you will be able to take on the world again
    ps I love your little rat pictures

  24. I am not disappointed in you one bit. Maybe just take a break from the contests after these current ones end. Loyal followers (who know how to follow rules) will continue to vote for your rats, and look foward to updates on them and the rest of your family.

    I agree with using the google forms too. My blog is pretty new and I had to switch over because I was getting too many emails about comments. I make the persons Name and Email mandatory. But if you are having problems with people using multiple email addys, I don't think there is a way to track IP addresses of people using the form,

  25. It is definitely tough this time of year and adding to the craziness can be overwhelming. Hang in there and maybe only do one giveaway at a time. You have a giving heart but maybe limit yourself. I am glad you have help.

  26. We hate for you to go through all of this. I have Major Depression so I am familiar with depresion part. Maybe fewer giveaways and fewer posts. Maybe drop once an month. We all love the giveaways but it is not worth it when it puts such a strain on you.

    Take care,

  27. Amanda! You must place your e-mail because of sponsors? If it is just writing out of boredom, they overload your nervous system. Then I think you should not whrite e-mail to everyone.I'm like a doctor advise you to it.

  28. I am sorry that you are feeling overwhelmed Amanda. I think some of the others have it right in saying that maybe the giveaways should stop for a while or perhaps not be done so often. Take some time out and just blog about your pets, family and things that make you happy!

  29. I wish I could help you somehow. I don't know if it's the rats or your honesty and openness about your life, but your blog really struck a chord with me. You are in my thoughts and I hope that your blogger friends can somehow help you.

  30. You have to worry about your health first and foremost. That's what is most important. I'm sorry people are taking advantage. There's always going to be a few. Maybe, you could just simplify the giveaways to being a GFC follower or email subscriber until things are caught up and you're feeling better. Take care.

  31. Hi Amanda!
    All of us have been where you are right now at some point in time and you just need to take a break, breathe, and relax.
    We will all be here when you are feeling better.
    I sure do enjoy reading your blog and looking at th ephotos you post of your Rats and craft projects. (your blog is one that I read first when I see it has arrived in my email!)
    Take care~

  32. Amanda....I am so sorry about how you are feeling. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your posts and photos, and appreciate your reviews and giveaways. Take care of yourself...that should be your priority.

  33. Amanda, are you actually opening up all of those emails? I have a Blogger blog, too, and I just delete all of the emails notifying me of comments. Instead, I go to the Comments page on my Blogger dashboard and read the comments that way. It's very quick! You can scan through the comments to be sure they all sound legit, quickly delete those that aren't, and then click to publish them all. When you pick a winner, then you can check to make sure the winner followed through on the required entry, etc. I find that I get through the comments very quickly this way.

  34. It is not right that you or anyone should have to be taken advantage of like this. You need to do whatever is best for yourself, if that means cutting back, or stopping, you do whatever it takes for your health and your family. Prayers & hugs to you sweetie!

  35. Sorry to hear but if your that stressed you need to take care of yourself and rest.I developed a rare virus in my spinal fluid 3 yrs ago that made me totally blind for over a month and was told i would never see again..well I have 90%back just no contrast,,anyways what Im getting at was the Drs said they believed I was doing to much..tooo stressed and my body broke down..so please take care of yourself and if there is anything I can do please let me know....have a nice holiday @alongcamemary1 Mary :)

  36. WOW... Thats sad. I have been away from the blogging world for quite some time. But I always checked out the Emails. I would hate to see your blog go. Is there anyone close that can help you moderate the emails? just a thought I guess. Take care.

  37. I'm sorry to hear that you're having a rough time. Look at me - I'm up at 1:00am trying to figure out what emails to delete and which ones to read, enter my sweeps, post to my blogs. I know how quickly it can eat up your time.

    If you decide to continue doing giveaways at some point, I agree with the person who says limit it to one or two entries per person. I see a lot of bloggers using Google Docs to create an entry form on their page. No comments to moderate; the information goes straight into a spreadsheet. That's just based on my observations as a sweeper; I've never tried to set that up myself.

    I found your site because of the giveaways, but I'll keep reading your newsletter and posting here occasionally, because even though I don't really know you, I like you, and I enjoy seeing the pics of your rats.

  38. hey girl I also have anxiety and bipolar so I know how you feel there and some days are easier for me than others but i manage to get by not sure what your talkin bout with emails because I get no emails from my blog telling me of comments or anthing i wait til the giveaways end then i go through the entries only of the winner to make sure they did everything right

    If you need any help let me know you know I'm always a email away whatever you decide I would still love to stay friends. Also I got some other advice just email me and I'll explain a way to maybe get out of this ok...

  39. I am pretty new here...have visited before and came back because I like to see what i am voting for on the some of the tweets that come by. We have some of same issues in our family. I spent Thankgiving Day in ER by wheels...it's overwhelming even trying to keep up with some blogs and financial crisis many are facing...I have had to step back. I wanted to do a blog too but see such a lot of dirty play and coldness, although there are some really fantastic and sweet people out there too. It's not worth getting sick over though...take your time to recoup and give yourself a break and some love...time.
    I admit some of the things on blogs are overwhelming and bring out a lot of anxiety...what was supposed to be an outlet and fun can drown you. I am thinking of you and hope the best.

  40. Hey Amanada.
    Don't feel bad about taking time for you. It is important, esp. with bipolar. I have that, as well and always have to remember to take care of me, first. Eliminating stress is number one, with this illness.
    I feel bad that people have to ruin something that is suppose to be fun.
    Just remember, we good folks outnumber the others... and we care about you. See you when you are better and it you need anyone to chat about bipolar....email me. or send a message on facebook. Hugs.