Monday, December 20, 2010

How to vote on the Agile Rat. (This is something different, so please read)

Ok, so several of you are telling me you think the link may be wrong.. So I want to try something different

Some of you have told me you think the problem may be that the link isnt working to the contest. So I am going to step you through to get to the contest page. It only takes like an extra 5 seconds, so don't worry, you won't be there all day :p.

Ok to vote:
First. Go to

Next, to the right of the page you will see the links on the right under "Navigation" in those links look for the words Rattie Photo Contest. (It's the 7th from the bottom). Once you see that click those words. You will then be redirected to the voting page.

All of you that have not been able to vote, please let me know if that helps, and if you are no able to vote.

Thanks everyone! :)
-Amanda T


  1. I havent had any problem voting from the main page... I voted a sec ago, and it did accept it (or had) because when I did it they way you said, they had my IP there as having voted (wouldnt let me vote again) It is saying now you are at 10%- yesterday you were at 12%!

  2. I know, I am soo discouraged! :(!

    Hopefully this will solve the problem, and who knows.. maybe I can make a comeback :)

    Thanks everyone for voting!

    Amanda T

  3. I have no problem voting from the link you gave. After voting I always see the IP message at the bottom of the page saying I voted. Voted this morning and you were at 11%...third place.

  4. The links have all worked fine for me, more than likely people aren't bothering to scroll down to the bottom where the photos to vote on are.

    Unfortunately the link doesn't change for each vote. It's the same every day so there is really no way to verify whether someone voted or not.

    Don't forget, your % may have gone down due to another entrant getting an influx of votes and not because people aren't voting for you. Does make me wonder what other people are doing to get so many votes though!

  5. The decrease could be due to the prizes changing, or it could possibly be the other entrants are using blogs/facebook/coworkers or whatever changes their IP (to get more votes)
    The other possibility, and probably the most likely is it seems everyone is asking for votes for one thing or another, although if it is being used as an entry, I hope they are voting!

    You'll get there Amanda! Don't get discouraged.

  6. hi! i vote for your rats... i have no problem voting
    here is the message after i vote:
    Thank you for voting! (IP: Please come back tomorrow and vote again!
    and here is the link, this links doesn't change:
    cheer up, don't be depressed...

  7. I dont have a problem voting either...just sometimes it wont let me vote and have to come back later to do it...I dont know if it's set up for a 24 hours vote or resets at midnight EST or CST? I wondered also if people didnt scroll all the way down OR if they were not waiting to be allowed to vote because was still set on previous day's vote and your are blocked then. I do copy and paste the url link right afterwards so I hope am doing that right. I noticed that the past few review + giveaway posts did not have and entry for tweeting the contest itself. I do think others do vote when they see this, if they are the type of person to take the little bit of time to...I was voting when others were tweeting it, and was not really entering many contests back then.
    Good luck daughter Morgan and I think your lil' ones ARE the cutest in the contest! The bath scene is too cute!

  8. I think this might have something to do with browser cache, as I definitely haven't voted for a few days, just voted now, and the page says
    'Thank you for voting! (IP: Please come back tomorrow and vote again!'
    and 'Sorry, you can only vote once per day!'
    Previously I tried voting from a different browser (I usually use Firefox, but I used Google Chrome that time), and everything was OK. And the link after the vote is always the same for me:
    So maybe cleaning the cache would help or switching to a different browser?

  9. The new link seemed to work for me. You had 11%, which is third place, after I voted tonight. Well, I guess it's actually morning now. I'll try to vote again over the weekend.