Saturday, December 25, 2010

I am so excited to tell you all about what I got for Christmas!

This is so exciting!
Okay so for Christmas I got  Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11 premium, it's pretty awesome! I was a little worried about it,  I mean, I trained it a little bit and it started working I have had only a couple mistakes and  pretty much everything you see me "typing" here is exactly what I'm saying Word for Word.
I think having Dragon  is going to make things like a lot easier,  everything that's been said is going to  be my opinion Word for Word.I think I'll be able to write posts a lot faster, hopefully.Okay so now that I'm actually using it I can see that there will be more mistakes than normal unless I talk really slow, well not really slow, but slower than normal Still ultimately I think this is going to be way better and hope fully it will only make my blog better..

Anyways,I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I'd love to hear what you all did and how it went. Anyways I'm about to leave going to my Aunt's for Christmas dinner,and hopefully I will be back later tonight and maybe I can write a post for you guys :-) .I'm sure you guys are going to notice that some sentences might be off but I'm trying to catch them all and edit them,but I might miss some. Also I'm sure you'll notice the :-).Normally I don't put the nose in there but actually on Dragon when you say "Smiley Face"it actually types a :-).So that's why there's going to be a nose in there.

Anyways like I said, I'm about to leave, but hopefully I'll be able to write a post later tonight.
So until then, Merry Christmas!
Take care,
Amanda T.


  1. Merry Christmas! I have been looking at this and wishing I could get it too!

    Sometimes I get my best train of thought when I am not able to use the computer. I "rehearse" the review in my head but by the time I can get on the computer I forget what I wanted to write. Would love to have this and carry a recorder with me so those thoughts won't be lost!

  2. oh cool review, i never heard of it until yesterday when my stepdad got one. i guess the plan was to save his boys time,he makes HOG(harley owners group) newsletters and he had them type faster then he could so now...he just talks!
    keep us up to date if you like dictating to the Dragon or if you will miss typing.
    merry chrsitmas and happy yule to you and your family

  3. Very cool!
    We tried it years ago- and the mistakes it made were so wild hubby gave up- maybe he didnt train it enuf.
    Yours looks great!

  4. Oh wow... I have never heard of this...although am sure my husband has, as he is a software freak and does that for work. so cool that you have something that will make life a bit easier and sounds fun too! Kids are all off school now for break and not getting much time on your blog or just catching up kinda late here. Hope your Christmas was Happy Amanda!