Sunday, December 26, 2010

Review: Skillet Bacon Jam


Thanks to I was able to review Skillet Bacon Jam.

Ok, I know what your thinking. Bacon.. Jam? Yes. But it's not like something you put on your PB and J. I mean, you could, but I wouldn't haha :p.

I have to admit, the name worried me. I was intrigued, but a little wary. I am always cautious with new foods. So when I received it I had to check it out first. When I first screwed off the lid, I really wasn't sure. The Skillet Bacon Jam didn't look very appealing to me. However, I decided that I had to try it anyway; So I did.

I was so glad I tried the Skillet Bacon Jam! OMG it was delicious! What I did was make a BLT - the B slices. Rather then adding slices of bacon to my sandwich I added the Skillet Bacon Jam. I have to say.. It was even better! I let my grandma and grandpa try it, and they both liked it just as much as me. Rather then showing them the jam I just made them a sandwich. Both of them were like "Whats in that???" I explained and they were both surprised, but still happy with it. Grandpa literally uses the Skillet Bacon Jam on everything. I've seen him put it on hotdogs, veggies and more. I know my grandpa, and I know he would eat the entire jar, so before he ate the last of it, I hid some for myself! (HAHA :P!)

Skillet Bacon Jam is delicious! The jam is a little pricey ($13.00) a jar, but if you savor it, it can really go a long way! I really recommend checking Skillet Bacon Jam out. I know the name sounds a little deterring, but it is delicious!

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  1. I saw some reviews of this before, and it really does look (well not look) but sounds yummy!

    Great review!

  2. I think my first reaction might be the same as yours...but I would still love to try it! Sounds good!

  3. I don't think I have ever heard of this. Wow, I bet my son and husband would try it in a heartbeat!