Monday, December 20, 2010

Something New,

So.. I want to let you,and  all know whats going on..
I'm starting a new thing, and  one of my biggest days ever are coming up.

(yep... thats my old pet iguana, Lucy.)
 OK so I'm starting something new. Every Monday (This is just for fun) I am going to post a picture of my favorite artist, musician, band etc. This will be on my right hand side bar torwards the top. I just thought it would be a good way to share what music I like with all of you :)
. So grandpa is doing really  good. He seems so healthy and active, and I am so proud of how good he's doing. He's really stuck with his diet (even after the surgery to remove his Hernia; And now that, thats gone he looks so small, and I really am happy to see him like this.
I know you've all got to be excited for Christmas. Well, I have to say, I'm positive that I am more excited then you! Why? Because almost 5 years ago on Christmas and Aaron first started dating. This Christmas will be our 5 year dating anniversary! Who knows what might be under the tree! (Keep your fingers crossed!!)

I am going to be leaving town until Christmas Eve, so that I can visit with some family. So this next week I don't know if I'll have any posts up. Don't worry! I didn't forget about drawing the winners! I am still confirming entries for the TV and e reader. Hopefully I will get enough time in to finish that up by Tuesday or Wednesday.

I hope your holiday season is as great as mine has been so far!

I know some of you still are not voting, even though you say you are.. -Sigh- I really would love this prize. The agility set is so amazing, and I would love to  win that SeeSaw! It only takes a second.. If you can.. Please vote for Lana and Lil Luis.. I am currently down to 3rd place... Please help me get to first.. It would be a great gift for me and my little ratties! And I'd be sure to post a video of them on it! :)

Again, here is the picture to vote for:

Thanks everyone! Hopefully I will have the winners posted soon ! Yay! :)

OH! And PS: Sorry to anyone whos visited my Facebook page recently. I introduced Aaron to Farmville and he's been on it llike 24/ 7 and he has  to share everything lol!

Take Care everyone!
-Amanda T


  1. So glad to hear our Grandpa is doing well! I betcha he feels alot better after having his surgery for sure!!!
    Alot of people play Farmville- I havent gotten addicted but alot have :)
    Hope you have a wonderful time out of town- oh and the candles arrived- so pretty- thanks again- figured I would thank ya here so as not to jam up your inbox :)

  2. I'm so happy to hear your grandfather is doing well.
    Happy Five Year Anniversary!! Hope you find something special under the tree! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I vote every day whether there's a giveaway or not; it's in my daily reminder. :)
    Very glad to hear your grandfather is doing well. That's so exciting that Christmas is also your 5th anniversary with your boyfriend - what a wonderful Christmas it will be for you!
    Have wonderful, warm and relaxing holiday, Amanda.

  4. I tried to vote for your adorable photo just now, using the link in your email, and it said "sorry, you can only vote once per day." I didn't vote today or yesterday, so I don't know why it's thinking that, UNLESS maybe your link contains some coding that makes it think I'm someone else. I didn't notice afterwards that the link I clicked on is "" -- perhaps when you're posting the link, if you make sure it just goes to "" that site will register each unique user and count all the votes correctly. I hope you win!

  5. I just voted! And I hope you get your special wish for Christmas! Keep us posted!

  6. I always read your posts! Love them! I wanted to invite you over to my $50 American Axpress giveaway that ends christmas Eve!

  7. Hi Amanda...the music posts will be fun OR anything of "your favorite things" would be cool to see just get to know u better!
    Great news on Grandpa...its always a worry when your family has health issues. So glad that he is well to enjoy the holidays!

    WOW...FIVE years! I think there is some LAW or something that says something sparkly should be coming after THAT long. LOL! You sound like you are so in love!

    Farmville makes me crazy! I tried it and gonna stick to the blogs. I grew up on a farm and although was so fun with the animals, it was hard work! So maybe I am done with Farming in this lifetime?

    I do vote but I think I am OFF on the only lets me vote after 12am for the NEXT day, even though your blog is on Pacific time? anyway, I will keep on voting! I think it's fun to see the little scenes and clothing the ratties are wearing!

    Have a Happy Christmastime and travel safe. We hope all your dreams come true for 2011!

  8. Wow, your iguana is quite big! We have one that we've owned for a little over a year. He's not near that big. How long does it take for them to get that way?

  9. I am actually not sure, when I got her she was already that big. I got her from one of my really good friends. I know he had her for several years though.