Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I didn't forget about drawing the winner. I am still just going through and verifying that the person who was drawn played fair. I am currently searching comment 5,200-5,400 so I think by tomorrow I SHOULD have the winner verified, if not, it will definitely be the next day :)

Also, sorry about the lack of posts. I was going to do a few, but then I got sick (BRR! IT"S UNDER 30 DEGREES HERE!) and while I was sick my dog Necco also got very very sick. He's been in and out of the vets all week.

Rest assured that I didn't forget about the winners :). They will be posted soon!

Take Care! Hope you are all having a good winter so far.

-Amanda T


  1. I saw you were having rather cold weather for Florida!!!

    Hope both you & Necco start feeling better soon- eat your chicken soup- Grandma's advice is right :)

    Hope to see you back soon but get some rest!

  2. It is COLD here in N. Florida too! Keep yourself warm and well! We'll keep! Hope your doggie well too. My son & wife have to put one of their dogs down tomorrow :( He has been a good doggie too. He just had surgery Mon and the vet didn't bother to tell them he had liver cancer and will be in pain & only live another 2 weeks until AFTER the unrelated $600 surgery! I thought that was stinky of him! They are all heartbroken, but it is better for him. Sorry, didn't mean to tell you sorrows, wanted to cheer you up! Help you to feel better! Get well sweetie!
    The kids took me out for my birthday Sunday night - Olive Garden, (so now I am waddling more! LOL)Take care of you and look forward to hearing from you soon!

  3. Hope you and Necco are both feeling better! It's pretty darn cold in NJ this morning...I don't think it's even 20 degrees. I am so ready for summer!

  4. Take care of yourself and your family; health comes first! :)
    Feel better soon, Amanda.

  5. Thinking of you and hoping you are well.
    Take your time. You come first, sweetie. :)

  6. No worries...sorry it's taking a long time!

  7. Take care of Necco AND you! (Good thing he has that warm coat to wear out now!)

    My new little Yorkie is so afraid of the snow...he goes out and comes in SO fast now and needs to be cuddled extra long!
    Guess we all need that no matter what the temperature!

  8. I really hope you and Necco are both feeling better soon!

  9. Take care, hope you are feeling better

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