Sunday, December 12, 2010


Latest Winners! Don't worry! There all confirmed, checked and verified! :)
Myachi Winner:
Comment Number 164: Cathy H

Winner of the Enjoy Lighting Giveaway:
Comment Number 282: Tannawings
Winner of the Hairfree Brushes:
Comment Number 131: Trishden

Winner of the Olee Kid Giveaway:
Comment Number 91: Paula

Winner of the Pretzel Pete's Giveaway:
Comment Number 509: Pooh

Congrats to all the winners! Good Luck in all the other contests you are entering :)

-Amanda T


  1. Congrats to all - big congrats to James- wonder if he knows yet? (he hasnt shown up here)

    Thanks so much Amanda, love those candles!

  2. congrats to you all! What an amazing Christmas it will be for so many on the blogs...the sponsors have been amazing and the bloggers so generous! Life is good!

  3. Congrats to the winners!

    Have a blessed Christmas Amanda