Sunday, January 23, 2011

Have you won a prize on my blog? Would you like to see your picture on my blog?

Well, I've seen a couple of other bloggers doing this, so I thought I'd ask too!
So, If you have won a prize on my blog, and you would like your picture up here, please send me the picture and I'll put it right up on it's own post! It can be you with the item, or anything you want :)

Just let me know :)

-Amanda T


  1. I have to take a pic of Odin in his coat :) It got here today, was just gonna email you!
    It's -20 here and he wore it this morning- I think he appreciated having it on!

  2. I just won your Fantasy Jewelry earrings a few weeks ago and when they come, I will sure ask my daughter if I can send a pic. They look so beautiful and so is SHE, so it should be a great pic if I can get our camera to work. Sorry have been vacant the past few days. I still am not able to figure out the vote on Luis this month. I sent an email asking but know you get tons so thought I might ask here. I hate not being able to vote cause i feel like my day is "undone" when I cant.

  3. I have not received a gift so far
    I am afraid that some parcels were lost during the crisis in Aeroflot in Russia at the end of the year or because of the large amount of mail during the Christmas abroad