Monday, January 31, 2011

I just wanted to tell you all.. I'm terribly depressed :'(

I've been doing the best I can to get caught up, and post 1-2 times a day. It's been going great, and as you all know, I love letting you all know about these amazing products.

Today I am very very depressed.. I've been getting more depressed lately.. But today.. Is just absolutely awful. I have good days and bad days with my depression, and this has to be one of the worse days ever. I don't really know whats going on. Like, yeah I have some underlying things which are adding to the depression, but for the main part, I don't know where this is coming from. I'm just going to sulk in my room for a couple of days.. You probably will not see a post for a couple days.. and I just wanted to let you all know, so your not like ?!?!

You may see me on Pogo, trying to lift my spirits.. but I don't know..

Anyways.. I'm going back to bed

Thanks everyone.


  1. Amanda I hope you are feeling better!

  2. take your time! :/

  3. Have you tried light therapy? It's very helpful, especially this time of year!

  4. I'm sorry Amanda :( We all have some hard days but we get through them and things get better. I hope things get better for you soon :)

  5. I think that virtual friend can not replace her real friends. Our support is weak. I give my gifts to her, but they did not raise her spirits. I do not know of other medications.

  6. I was going to suggest light therapy too! I have a lamp that simulates sunlight, and I think it does help my S.A.D. in the winter.

  7. Ok, here are my suggestions:

    1. See a doctor, you may need an antidepressent or if you are already taking one, it may have stopped working. This has happened to me.

    2. You may have SAD and need light therapy.
    There special lamps that you can buy at a 'Home Improvement store that mimick sunlight.

    3. If you like music, listen to what ever seems the best for you.

    4. Also you may want to check te feng shui in the room that you spend the most of the time in, a few changes can make a big difference.

    5. Treat yourself as a best friend, what would do if your best friend was feeling very down? Take a walk? Give yourself hugs? Only eat what you makes you feel good.

    Carol Wong

  8. So sorry, I've been there before. It's like the seasons are ending and once again being occupied by Christmas and New Years has ended. A journal sometimes helps me or just get a good movie and sit down with no interruptions.(lol). I will be praying for you. I know your loss earlier this month can also throw you in the middle of trying to live and do everything only becoming overwhelmed and feeling like you can’t get anything accomplished. So many times we expect only perfection from ourselves and will work ourselves down to the bone trying to achieve it.. I know it's so hard, but getting out of the house and a girls night our is helpful too. Here’s a silent hug, feel free to use at any time. I always think of this quote from a song I love when I‘m almost at the bottom of the barrel and feel so all alone-
    “Help on the way, without love in a dream it will never come true.“ song written by John Barlow.

  9. I am so sorry Amanda. As in our email, I know how it is. I think the weather and shorter days is a big part, plus post holiday let down and feeling overwhelmed from celebrations, travel, and poor finances.
    Just know that January is! Spring is coming and that will help most. You are a smart girl to not hold it all in. You have to talk to someone about it...there are so many that are in the same boat. People do if you need to take some time to recoup, do it.
    For me, I start some really slow kind of melancholy music and build up to something crazy and fun. sometimes that helps. Try also to move your body some and do some detox. If you have some energy, get up off the couch and move. When you dont sweat you build up toxins in your body. That sure doesnt help, especially if you take RX meds that can build up. Plenty of water too.

    Hope you feel better kiddo!
    Email me if you wanna talk, really!
    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  10. So sorry, hon. :( Just keep your chin up and persevere through this. I hope you feel better soon.

  11. I think we all have days when we just hate everything about our lives and feel hopeless. It will get better and you will feel happy again.

    At times like these, you have to find the bright spots and hold onto them, like a cat finding the one sunny spot in a cold room and curling up in it. I hope you will think of your blog followers as one of your bright spots. We care about you.

  12. Everyday can't be a 'good' day, be it is up to ourselves to try and do good.

    My best advice?

    Do something nice for someone else- when you make someone else a smile, oftentimes, you will get a smile back :)


  13. Hope you feel better soon sweetie!
    Please ask for help from someone if you need it.

  14. Oh no! Get out of the house, it always makes me feel better. Hope you're feeling better now.