Monday, January 17, 2011

My Etsy Shop.

I haven't talked about my Etsy shop in a while..
I've got lots of new items :)!So I thought I'd take a minute to show them all to you!

If you like any of them please feel free to heart any of them. If you make a purchase you get 10 entries into any and all of my current giveaways. And if you HEART your favorite item you can get 1 extra entry into my giveaways.

Here are my newest listings: (Bear Necklace is pictured above)
Piggie Necklace:
I have another newly sewn 1930's quilt pillow : (Well 2, but I've only posted 1 so far)

The Heart Wallet:

I also have lots of other nice things.
Please feel free to check them out :)!

I would also love and enjoy Feedback :D!

-Amanda T

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