Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Web Page! (Well, Kinda!!)


If you haven't noticed...
Please check it out!

I have a new domain name! Woo!

Rather then the ridiculously long it is 

Woo! I am so excited!

From now only please visit for updates, review and giveaways!

See you over there!! :D

-Amanda T


  1. Did you buy a domain through Google? How were you able to keep all of your readers, etc?

    It looks great and I'm sure you're going to love having the shorter domain :)

  2. Yeah,

    I bought it through Google. I had no idea you could until I was just going through the top links on Blogger. So everything automatically went over.

    I do love the short name already! I keep forgetting though! LOL

    -Amanda T

  3. wow congratulations Amanda! will take some time to get used to it, but the shorter name, i agree with Judy - looks great!

  4. Woot Amanda! It looks good- the old linky took me right here too :)