Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions. Whats yours?

I've made a lot of resolutions..Well, a lot of them aren't really resolutions, there more like, things that I just want to do.

But the main thing is to start jogging. I want to start jogging regularly. Not only will it help me feel better, but it will help me stay fit too. I don't have the whole plan yet.. But I want to do more then just jog.. In time I would like to run something, like a 5k or something. I'll be figuring that out soon anyway.

Some things I also want to do..

Save enough money to get a nice car and still have the house payment. This year I want to get MY life going.

I am going to College.
I'm going to get a better job. Either my CVS job again, or the Post Office with my mom.
I am going to make my blog, AMAZING. Get lots of followers and tons of great giveaways. Also, get caught up with everything, and keep everything caught up. Pretty much, learn to handle my blog, with excess time for myself.

Those are my major goals for 2011.

What are your goals??

-Amanda T


  1. Hmm for me, I have made mine, and generally stuck to it- mine is to get off of twitter before 1am.
    You know, now I am getting back up at a normal hour in the morning, I feel tons better.

    I think your goals are great and most importantly realistic!
    Ya know, the PO pays pretty darn good- if you can get in there, that would be awesome!

  2. Great goals, Amanada.
    My goals are: good to my body and maintain my diabetes.
    ...enjoy the people around me
    ...look at people by their hearts.

  3. Great plans for the New Year I wish you lots of luck.
    I would like to just be healthier than the past year. lol
    Happy New Year

  4. Good luck with your blog! I just started mine today--I'd also love to get followers and have giveaways, but it's hard to know where to start. I'd say you've done pretty good so far, though! :)

  5. Most of my goals are about my blog too, lol. Time management is really difficult for review bloggers. I don't know how some bloggers post 4-6 reviews a day everyday. I just couldn't do it, lol. I mean I could but then I wouldn't have any time left in the day so seek out companies to write reviews for the next week lol. Most blogs who do that have multiple people writing the reviews, but even people who do 3 a day on their own amaze me.

  6. Mine are mostly for health, physical, mental, & spiritual. I seriously need to lose weight to get my blood pressure under control and just feel better. I may need to have surgery on my knee so that would help that too. I need to get my house in order. I know I won't be so stressed if I have things cleaned out and organized and greatly streamlined. I need to be better about my morning scripture study, more in depth maybe with supplemental reading for understanding.
    Good luck everyone with your goals!

  7. Those are great goals for this year, Amanda.

    My goals are to build my blogs (or possibly combine them all into one); keep losing weight and get healthier; get more sleep (and you can see I'm already failing that one if you look at the time stamp on this post).

    If you'd like to visit my blogs, they're,,

    If anyone visits and comments and/or follows me on Google Friend, I would really appreciate it.

  8. Latest follower!!!

    Happy new year!